Zelda: Breath of the Wild dev blog update - Korok Mask and hidden Koroks

The following blog post comes from Hidemaro Fujibayashi, the Director on Breath of the Wild

- the Korok Mask helps you find the hidden Koroks
- the dev team thought it would be fun to hide all sorts of things across the landscape, including Koroks
- they originally hid stone objects, but decided that wasn't much fun
- they then thought about hiding something under stones, which is where the Koroks came up
- originally, the Koroks could only be found deep in the Lost Woods, but the team decided against that
- if you happen to get near a spot where a Korok is hiding, the mask will shake to warn you
- the stone object in the image above is actually the Master Sword pedestal from Skyward Sword

Japanese actress for Zelda in Breath of the Wild details the recording process

The following Zelda: Breath of the Wild dev blog features an interview with Yu Shimamura, who voices Princess Zelda in the Japanese version of the game.

- she felt pretty uneasy at the beginning, and she even remembers asking “Is it really OK for me to talk?”
- she was told that “It’s all part of our challenge to revisit the conventions of the Legend of Zelda series.”
- the scene at the beginning of a ceremony caused Shimamura a bit of trouble
- the lines of the ritual did not properly reflect Zelda’s personality, her motivations, her powerlessness, and awkwardness
- Shimamura talked about it with Naoki Mori (who was in charge of Cinematic Design, including screenplay, and cutscenes)
- the whole thing was rewritten several times, until they arrived at the final result
- there’s quite a lot of scenes she really likes in the game
- her favorite line is the “Yes” Princess Zelda gives as an answer to the Deku Tree in a particular scene
- in that scene, Zelda thinks about what she should do, but she cannot see it at all
- she refuses to give up, and wants to give hope to Link
- Shimamura tried to convey all of those feelings through the single "Yes" she spoke
- recording felt completely different than for animation, the dubbing of (foreign) movies, or other games
- there was no fixed routine of how to approach it, as all different things were being tried out
- lines were redone even after other lines were implemented in the game, as the team found better ways to say things
- Shimamura finally managed to beat the game the other day, but she wants to keep practicing her shield surfing
- Shimamura explains that she really gave it her whole when voicing Princess Zelda, to give her emotions
- she hopes that players will remember their memories of Princess Zelda

Smile! Celebrate National Selfie Day with Link

Show off your best camera-ready looks on National Selfie Day, June 21. After all, even the heroic Link takes time for selfies once in a while in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game.

It’s true! Simply use the Sheikah Slate’s camera function, change to Self-Portrait mode, and move the left stick to pick a pose.

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You can learn how to purchase the Expansion Pass or learn more about the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game on the official site.

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild dev blog - Cut-scene designer talks freedom, memories and more

This week's blog post comes from Naoki Mori, who was in charge of Cinematic Design (screenplay, cutscenes)...

- the developers had to find way to convey the story in a way that didn’t restrict players’ freedom
- they came up with this system of “watching a cutscene = Link regains a lost memory”
- when you’re gathering those “Memories”, the cutscenes are shown without any context
- this makes you wonder what happened (especially if you haven’t seen them all)
- a great advantage of that Memories system is that you can rewatch the cutscenes at any time, as many times as you want
- the Sheikah Slate conveniently lists them in chronological order
- Princess Zelda has two main roles in the game
- The Princess who Seals (Zelda’s traditional role, as seen in previous Zelda games)
- The Princess who Researches (ways to stop Calamity Ganon, Zelda’s new role)
- taking those two roles into consideration, the image of “The Princess that cannot use her sealing powers” was born.
- Mori would be pleased if this made players think “I want to help Zelda”, like in previous The Legend of Zelda titles
- you can find a diary with the thoughts of Zelda and the King of Hyrule inside
- those contents go in hand with Link’s Memories, so players are highly encouraged to find them all

Zelda: Breath of the Wild amiibo restock on the way

CPSIA certs have confirmed something we heard a week ago. It should be a lot easier to find the Breath of the Wild amiibo out there at retailers. We're hearing some GameStop locations already have a few of these back in stock! Keep an eye out for the ones you want! Thanks to Jacob for the heads up!