Miitomo - content update for Feb. 17th, 2017

Freshen up your look! Beret + bob wig now available

Beret + bob wig and other items have been added to the shop! The bob compliments the beret and it adds up to...cute. Put on this one, and your image will totally change...just like that! Surprise your friends with a quick makeover!

Beret + bob wig
Varsity jacket + dress
Tri-stripe crew socks
Bunny pal

Explore the unknown! Space Style #3 now available in Miitomo Drop!

Intergalactic Miitomo cap
Intergalactic biker jacket
Intergalactic pants
Intergalactic boots

Miitomo - content update for Feb. 15th, 2017, Version 2.2.1 available

Version 2.2.1

- Download size: 13.15MB (Android) / 83.7MB (iOS)
- fixes start-up crash issue
- various other improvements

Miitomo - content update for Feb. 12th, 2017

Swords and sorcery! Miitomo RPG is back in Miitomo Drop!

- villager outfit
- hero tee
- wandering swordsman outfit
- battle-scarred sword
- Dancer's top (Set)
- Dancer's pants (Set)
- noble knight's armor
- Queen's sword
- mage's hood
- mage's robe
- evil king's tee
- mage's staff

You can select Miitomo Drop stages from the shop tab and then use Miitomo coins or game tickets to play. Available from 2/11/2017 6:00 PM until 2/14/2017 6:00 PM PT. This stage may be available again even after the current distribution period has finished.

Miitomo Version 2.2.0 update causing crashes, Nintendo offers a few solutions

Is Miitomo constantly crashing after the Version 2.2.0 update? Nintendo has a few simple solutions that should set you straight.

- restart a few times, as the app might start working once you've restarted
- clear your cache for Miitomo:


go to Settings
select Miitomo
turn on the “Clear cache next launch” option
restart the game


go to Settings
select Application Manager
select Miitomo
select “Clear cache”
restart the game

- do not uninstall and/or delete the game from your device
- Nintendo recommends you use a Wifi connection, since there may be lot of data to redownload

Miitomo's next big update coming tomorrow

We've already detailed the new update for Miitomo, but now we know that it's coming tomorrow. Miitomo will be down for six hours to prepare for the update.

“Maintenance work will take place during the following period:
9/2/2017 4:00 UTC - 9/2/2017 10:00 UTC
(Please note that these times are approximate, and maintenance may conclude before or after the planned completion time.)
This maintenance is being conducted to prepare for the upcoming big update.
After maintenance is completed, you will be able to update your version of Miitomo. We hope you’re looking forward to this new version!
Please note that during the maintenance period it will not be possible to use Miitomo at all.
We apologise for the inconvenience, and ask for your understanding. Thank you!”

Miitomo - features for the upcoming update detailed

• Miifoto Log, where you’ll be able to post Miifotos or images from your device with comments.
• The ability to attach images to your answers.
• The addition of a customisable Bio in your Profile.
• When sending a friend request, you’ll be able to attach a message.
• Miitomo wallpaper will be available for use as backgrounds in Miifotos.
• You’ll be able to select the outfit your Mii character wears when delivering a message.
• Daily items will now include selectable colour variations.
• Various other improvements.