Monster Hunter XX: Miracle ☆ Mil & Caty album art and info

- due out September 20th in Japan
- includes 13 tracks
- 1,200 Yen + taxes for digital version
- digital distribution, 150 Yen for each track
- retail copy, 1,500 Yen + taxes

Monster Hunter XX Switch - info on transferring save data and other content, control schemes

- transfer save data from Monster Hunter Generations to Monster Hunter XX Switch
- transfer the same content from Monster Hunter Generations to XX
- can’t transfer some gear
- if you change your gender, some exclusive gear will be exchanged to the one for the other gender
- some nonexchangeable gear vanishes, but you will obtain a crafting fee, forging fee and Armor Spheres
- Guild Cards are transferable
- some of the info and settings tied in with Guild Cards can’t be moved, such as Gear settings, Journal, total play time, etc.
- all download quests will vanish
- settings for your block list and chat template also can’t be transferred
- to move or share save data from 3DS to Switch, you need to download and use an app
- this will be free though and should be distributed on the eShop
- Monster Hunter XX Switch's user interface is optimized for a single screen and has been refined.
- you can simultaneously see both the appearance of a weapon / equipment and required materials on crafting or forging
- chat window area is enhanced, thanks to its higher resolution, making text is easier to read
- development progress is 75 complete

Control types

Control Type 1:

– Hunter Arts
D pad
– Target Camera

Control Type 2:

– Hunter Arts
– Target Camera control
D pad

– Hunter Arts

– Target Camera
Pressing down R Stick

Monster Hunter XX - 3DS Vs. Switch comparison screens

Thanks to VideoCookies for the heads up!

Monster Hunter XX - Garo DLC screens, art

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Garo is a franchise that has a TV series, movies, specials, an anime series and more. Garo focuses on the life of Kouga Saezima, who has assumed the title of Makai Knight to protect humanity against dark demonic manifestations called "Horrors". In his quest to destroy them, he encounters a young girl named Kaoru, whom he saves from a Horror, though he learns that she is stained with its demonic blood