Monster Hunter XX - Lao-Shan Lung details, Fortress map returning

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- Lao-Shan Lung is an Elder Dragon that was first introduced in the original Monster Hunter
- hasn’t been seen since Monster Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G / Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
- Fortress map is returning

Monster Hunter XX - Alchemy Style Acrylic Mascots on the way

These will come with the Limited Edition of Monster Hunter XX, which you can only get through e-Capcom. The mascots included will be random.

Monster Hunter news - Stories QR codes, XX album collection

Monster Hunter Stories

QR codes for party data of specific players:

- Minami Takahashi (Lilia’s voice actress)
- Ryouta Oosaka (Cheval’s voice actor)
- Yuma Uchida (Genie’s voice actor)

On January 11th, Capcom will share QR codes for the party data of the Monster Hunter Club managed
On January 18th, the Capcom TV crew that will get its own set of QR codes

Monster Hunter XX

- Monster Hunter Arrange Variety Pack on March 15th
- includes four albums (previously released) featuring arrangements of Monster Hunter music
- 4,800 yen
- pack includes

Monster Hunter Music Box Arrange Album
Monster Hunter Danceable
Monster Hunter Swing Big Band Jazz Arrange
BlackLute~Monster Hunter Guitar Arrange~

Monster Hunter XX getting Drifters collab content

- collab with the Drifters manga from Young King OURs magazine
- no specific release date for the content