ARMS - Twitter content update for June 23rd, 2017

Just a bit of Ninjara art for today, but it's still a lovely update. So much great art out there for Arms, including the official stuff!

ARMS devs talk character design, Helix creation process, challenge of making a new IP

Coming from a Verge interview with ARMS art director Masaaki Ishikawa...

“Each fighter has these super intense, passionate fans who kind of copy their look and feel, and come into the arenas to support their chosen fighter. This world of Arms, it’s like our world’s football fans. They’re super passionate, and these Arms supporters really love the fighting aspect of this competition. ...With all of their differences, they still have a cohesive aesthetic that binds them to the same world.”

On Helix's design

“Initially we had the design for the double helix, DNA-spiral shape for his arms and we had a lot of different ideas for what kind of character would have arms like that. Maybe a cyborg, or some sort of man-made being. Eventually we settled on this amoeba-like character design. In the end, we got a sort of biological creature design. Rather than go really serious with how he moves, we thought it would be more fun and unique to give him an awkward, but cute animation. And with that we ended up with a really unique design that we’re really proud of.”

Coming from producer Kosuke Yabuki...

“In [Mario Kart 8] the focus really is on each of the course designs, and how you race on those, but Arms is more about how you use each fighter and their arms to fight each other. The personality and distinctive features of each of the Arms characters is a lot more important in this game, as opposed to Mario Kart.

Creating a wholly new property is really tough, but also incredibly fun and rewarding. You have to think of everything from scratch; the sound, the visuals, absolutely everything. It was really rough, but also really fun to try this.”

Nintendo LINE account - update for June 21st, 2017

- Kinopio-kun-kun in ARMS art
- art for Mechanica, Twintelle and Min-Min
- drawing of DNA Man (Helix) by Kinopio-kun

GameStop selling custom ARMS/Has-Been Heroes/Accessories Switch bundle

This bundle will ship by 06/30/17. The Nintendo Switch Gray Joy-Con ARMS and Accessories Bundle includes: The Nintendo Switch Console with Gray Joy-Con, ARMS (Physical Game), Has-Been Heroes (Digital Game Download), the SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSD Card with Adapter, the Nintendo Switch ZAGG Invisible Shield One Screen Protector, and the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock.

Grab yours here for $463

Official ARMS Guidebook hitting Japan this month

- coming from Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions
- called ‘Wonder Life Special’
- due out June 27th
- 128 A5 pages

Nintendo Treehouse Tumblr - Coach JC’s Ultimate ARMS Champ Summer Camp, Part 3: Skillshot

In Skillshot, your objective is to hit the targets that appear between you and your opponent faster than they do. Consecutively hitting targets nets you extra points, so throwing the correct arm at the correct time and angling its trajectory to nail two to three targets at once is a wayyy more effective means of increasing your score than throwing three quick, individual punches.

Unlike many other fighting games, ARMS places huge importance on controlling the space between you and your opponent even when you’re nowhere near them. That said, it’s no wonder that Skillshot would make for handy practice. The best Skillshot players are generally the ones who study how to make the most of the space between fighters, not only to hit targets, but to interrupt the fighter on the other end of the shooting range in one fell swoop as well.

Full feature here


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