Banpresto's Splatoon 2 merch lottery lineup includes all sorts of goodies

We know you saw the ink tank bag earlier, but there are so many other items in the Splatoon 2 merch lineup from Banpresto. There's shirts, plushies, charms and more! Check out the entire lineup here.

Nintendo on the importance of merging characters/gameplay, reviving content cut from Splatoon for Splatoon 2

Coming from a Verge interview with Shinya Takahashi, general manager of Nintendo’s software division...

“It’s not just about new characters. It’s also about thinking about how people will accept new systems and gameplay. Sometimes new intellectual property is the best way to introduce that.

Whenever we see a new, really fun prototype, there’s always going to be a moment where we think: ‘How do we give the most people the opportunity to play this? Is it something that needs to be in a Mario game, or is this something that feels like it should go in a new direction?’ And that’s a debate that happens every single time."

Coming from Hisashi Nogami, producer on Splatoon 2

“We continue to be surprised at how much emotion people feel toward these characters, and the fan art and stories they’ve created.

I don’t think it’s actually one particular element — like story or characters — that makes it stand apart, and creates that dedication [amongst fans]. If it were just the looks, if it was just because this weapon looked particularly cute, that wouldn’t be enough if the gameplay wasn’t there to back it up.

With Splatoon, we created new characters, and the fanbase responded well to those. That may have paved the way for more of that type of new game experience.”

Coming from Splatoon 2 lead programmer Shintaro Sato...

“We had so many ideas, so many things that we wanted to put in the first game, but it really ended up being a distillation of those ideas. And we had many ideas leftover that we were able to bring over to Splatoon 2.”

Splatoon 2 - Twitter content update for June 21st, 2017

The above tweet confirms that the Krak-On brand is going to return in Splatoon 2, and it's going to have some new items this time around.

The King of Games releasing Splatoon 2 shirts

Once again, The King of Games puts out a round of quality designs, this time for Splatoon 2. The King of Games has so many amazing shirts. I wish they'd show some more love stateside!

Splatoon 2 devs on retaining Miiverse features, Splatfests, friend-only voice chat, amiibo support

A portion of a Game Informer interview with producer Hisashi Nogami and lead programmer Shintaro Sato...

GI: The implementation of Miiverse in the first Splatoon was sort of bizarre and interesting. You see everything from people leaving funny messages on the walls of your plaza to even conspiracy theories. Is there any sort of implementation of a sharing of messages like this in Splatoon 2 with no Miiverse on Switch?

Nogami: That's a good question and it's nice to hear that you enjoyed in Splatoon 1 the ability to post messages and artwork. Our idea with that feature was that after playing multiplayer, your plaza is populated with some of the people you played with and in creating this Miiverse functionality, it was that you weren't just competing against these people but also that you were seeing what they are thinking and it's some way to meet players indirectly and maybe see what the player base is thinking and create a sort of community atmosphere. This would mean that each time you enter the plaza, you would have some sort of update and some sort of change to the environment.

As you pointed out, while we don't have Miiverse on the Nintendo Switch, we have made sure to allow players in the same way to post artwork on the ground and walls, or messages to other players. So I think players will be able to continue communicating in an indirect fashion and seeing what players from around the Splatoon 2 community are thinking.

GI: Another way that the plaza got personality and updates was Splatfest. Will we see some new surprises with Splatfest this year? How do you keep that party-like atmosphere exciting?

Nogami: First of all, we are definitely planning to continue Splatfest in Splatoon 2. As I mentioned with the players posting messages and artwork in the plaza, Splatfest is a way that we feel that by creating that festival atmosphere, we're able to create a sense of unity or an indirect way of communicating that they are participating and sharing the same type of event. You can rest assured that while we'll give you more detailed information later on what that may look like, we will be decorating the Inkopolis Square in a party and festive way.

GI: Why did you decide to keep voice chat to friends and other close players as opposed to just general matchmaking?

Nogami: First off, I think it's appropriate to say that we think that voice chat is a type of communication that's not necessarily required for players to enjoy the game. At its core in the multiplayer gameplay, we think the most important thing is to be constantly paying attention to the conditions on the ground in the stage you're playing and to think about what your teammates are doing and what might the opponents be doing. That's sort of a core gameplay element.

But, it's true that in the development of its community, there have appeared a number of high-level players and players who want to take the game more seriously. For players like that who want to take their communication and coordination to the next level, we wanted to answer their expectations by including something like voice chat.

It's also natural that talking to your friends is fun. So even for the players who are seriously minded, we've realized that being able to share the experience via voice chat is fun and we wanted to make that possible for them. We wanted to include voice chat as an option for voice chat in Splatoon 2 without giving people the feeling that you need voice chat in order to play Splatoon 2.

GI: In Splatoon 1, only Splatoon Amiibo figures had functionality in the game. In Splatoon 2, do Amiibos outside of the Splatoon series have any functionality at all?

Nogami: Just the Splatoon series of Amiibo will work with Splatoon 2.

Sato: One thing you may remember from Splatoon 1 was when you place the Amiibo, we wanted there to be some sort of interaction between the player character and the Amiibo. Because of that, we thought that in the Splatoon world, the best Amiibo to interact with the characters would be the Splatoon series Amiibo.

GI: So you don't want to give a Mario hat to your Inkling?

Nogami: It is true, after all, that in the world of Splatoon 2, this is a world where the human civilization has fallen away and it's been 12,000 years of evolution since that time. It could be that if someone were to uncover or excavate a hat like [Mario's] that it may be possible. We can't cancel out that possibility entirely. It's also worth mentioning that you can use the Splatoon 1 Amiibo in Splatoon 2.

GameStop getting exclusive Splatoon 2 Joy-Con Comfort Grip

Splatoon fans, prepare for a Turf War with the Splatoon 2 Joy-Con Comfort Grip! The Joy-Con Comfort Grip brings the left and the right Joy-Con Controllers together to make one comfortable controller, making it easy to put in hours of gameplay. The ergonomic rubber grips keep your palms happy and fingers from cramping. Simply slide each Joy-Con Controller down the rails until they click and view the player indicator lights through the front. ProTip: The Comfort Grip stands up on its own, so you can display your love for Splatoon 2 next to your Nintendo Switch Dock.

Features Offical Art from Splatoon 2
Lightweight, ergonomic design for comfortable gameplay anywhere
Double-injected rubber grips for added comfort
Easy slide-in design secures each Joy-Con
Visible player indicator lights
Officially licensed by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch.

Grab yours here

Splatoon 2 news - various minor tidbits, trailer for Splatoon Koshien #3

- during multiplayer battles, when two players cooperate to take down a single opponent, an “assist mark” is displayed
- battle results screen now displays the number of times you used your special
- you will also see the number of players you splatted or assisted in splatting
- see the number of times you got splatted
- new stage called the Inkblot Art Academy where many Inkling artists graduated from
- many sculptures can be found in there, and climbing up on them can actually give you the advantage in battle

The above is the promo trailer for Splatoon Koshien 3, the latest in the nationwide tournaments for Splatoon in Japan. The third round of tournaments is set to take place in Japan this Fall.

Nintendo talks about the importance of competitive gaming on Switch

Coming from Hisashi Nogami, the producer of Splatoon 2...

“Rather we wanted to make a game that the widest range of players possible could enjoy — from young kids to serious gaming fans. If that means as a result that we’ve created a game that players new to the shooter genre can enjoy, but also that shooter fans find satisfying, then that’s great. We also hope people watching this game for the first time feel that they’re invited into it. If that lowers the bar for the genre as a side effect, then we’ll consider that a success."

Coming from Reggie Fils-Aime...

“Competitive gaming is all-inclusive of people playing online or together in person, while the term eSports has grown to incorporate a broad variety of things, including participation, sponsorship, staging and underwriting, etc. It doesn’t always have a consistent meaning.

With Nintendo Switch, people can play anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Multiplayer games like Arms, Splatoon 2 and Pokkén Tournament DX are great fun to play in a variety of settings, whether it is on the couch next to family and friends, online, at local fan-run tournaments or at larger events.

While competitive gaming is important to us, what really sets Nintendo Switch apart is the ability to turn any coffee shop, dorm room or family road trip into a venue for some fun competitions."

Coming from Kosuke Yabuki, producer of Arms...

"I think in particular it’s a fun game to play on a splitscreen at home with your friends or family. Obviously we have online modes as well so I think it’s a game that a lot of people are going to be able to enjoy. I think it’s only natural that if people get good at a game, they’ll want to show off, and if tournaments become a regular occurrence, then I’ll be very happy.

I think two of the results of that are perhaps that this is a more welcoming fighting game. At the same time, new techniques that we haven’t seen are going to rise out of that. It’s always the mission of Nintendo to be creating unique games and I think Arms is unique compared to a traditional fighting game.”


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