Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 - sub-class feature detailed, new character revealed

- learn unique skills in each class
- a sub-class can be used concurrently with your main class
- develop a character that specializes in attacks and support, or one that compensates for its weak points


Landsknecht main class, which specializes in close-range attacks, with a Runemaster sub-class, which specializes in long-range attacks through elemental magic. This turns the character into a powerful attacker regardles of distance.

Hexer main class, which specializes at exploiting the enemy’s weakness, with a Paladin sub-class, who boasts of high defense. This also enables the character to equip a shield to cover its low defense.

New character

- Nadica, a mysterious girl who calls herself a reporter and is fixated on getting to Yggdrasil

Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 live-stream event - fan poll results, live music performances, concert & more

Results of a fan-vote for their favorite class in the entire series.

15 – Medic
14 – Arcanist
13 – Dancer
12 – Ninja
11 – Shogun
10 – Ronin
09 – Landsknecht
08 – Reaper
07 – Protector
06 – Runemaster
05 – Imperial
04 – Gunner
03 – Sovereign
02 – Zodiac
01 – Nightseeker

Results of a song popularity contest, with the most popular to be featured on a special CD.

Disc 1

Labyrinth I – Emerald Woodlands (DS Sound Source Ver.)
Battle – Destruction Begets Decay (DS Sound Source Ver.)
Labyrinth V – The Fallen Capital of Shinjuku (DS Sound Source Ver.)
Battlefield’s Awakening
Reaching out for our future (Artist: Itou Kanako)
Labyrinth I Ancient Forest (PC-8801F Ver.)
The First Campaign (PC-8801F Ver.)
Cherry Tree Bridge (PC-8801F Ver.)
Heavenly Keep (PC-8801F Ver.)
Inspecting the Resounding Weapons (PC-8801F Ver.)
Forbidden Wood
Bloody Battle – Betting It All
Waterfall Woodland (PC-8801F Ver.)
The End of Raging Waves (PC-8801F Ver.)
Porcelain Forest (PC-8801F Ver.)
Hoist the Sword and Pride in the Heart (PC-8801F Ver.)

Disc 2

Those That Slay and Fall (PC-8801F Ver.)
Their Own Brand of Justice (PC-8801F Ver.)
Calling that Detestable Name (PC-8801F Ver.)
Labyrinth I – Lush Woodlands
Battlefield – Storm
Labyrinth II – Misty Ravine
Battlefield – The Fall of the Final Enemy
Area IV – The Land Beyond The Clouds
Labyrinth IV – Echoing Library
Faith is My Pillar
The End of Raging Winds
With Eyes Blazing
Labyrinth V – Virgin Forest
Battlefield – Grab Tomorrow

Etrian Odyssey 10th Anniversary LIVE concert

- to be held on August 14th

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology - info on Sub History episodes and a new dungeon

Sub History episode: “The Saint Speaks”

- in her quest to find the Artifact & stop the desertification of the Vainqueur continent, Nemesia ends up in Alistel
- this is where the Prophet Noah is giving a sermon
- there are rumors some people have slipped into the city in order to assassinate him

Sub History episode: “The Promise Crosses Over Time”

- Stocked and Nemesia are in Granorg, in search of a certain pendant while gathering information
- there may be a link between the pendant and the Artifact Nemesia is looking for

Extra dungeon: Prison of Time

- can only accessed after reaching a certain point in the game, which involves triggering an event with Lippti
- filled with strong enemies
- you cannot use any items while in the dungeon
- beating enemies rewards you with Moment, a unique currency that only works in that extra dungeon
- talk to the Time Jailer in order to trade your Moment with special items that cannot be found in regular shops
- this includes some Secret Scrolls, which allow you to teach Support Skills to your characters

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology - another pic of the Perfect Edition

We're still waiting on word of Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology coming stateside. Atlus is usually really good with this stuff. I'm sure it'll happen sooner rather than later.

The Alliance Alive - soundtrack sample, special manual pics

Special Soundtrack

- comes with the first-print copies of the game
- includes 20 tracks, composed by Masashi Hamauzu
- only available in digital format

Special manual

- 31-page manual
- comes with the first-print copy of the game

Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 - box art

I love the art, but that's one hell of a forehead on that girl! I think she might need more than that single chunky bang she's got hanging down.


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