Nights of Azure 2 - info on characters, boss battles, Servan development, and more screens/art

■ Characters

Arnice, the “Nightlord” (voiced by MAO)

A girl who once ruled over demons as the “Nightlord” and suppressed the damage done to the people by the fiends. Now, however, due to her instincts as the Nightlord, she wanders through the night. If you meet the right conditions during a certain event, you’ll befriend Arnice as a Lily.

—Different from when she stood in Alushe and company’s way as a threat, Arnice shows a kind face. Her personality is unchanged from before, and she has a hidden passion within her.

Valderossa (voiced by Chiaki Takahashi)

A spider-like demon with a poisonous and bewitching atmosphere. She takes pleasure in infecting humans with poison, capturing them, and turning them into demons after they surrender.

—Valderossa reveals her natural, venomous, spider-like form. What is it that she says she hopes for…?

■ The Battle Against Valderossa

The spider-themed demon Valderossa uses a mix of spider-like attacks while preventing Alushe and the others from moving forward. If her voluptuous, yet dreadful atmosphere misleads you, you will be entangled in the blink of an eye.

—Here’s a rotating attack that utilizes Valderossa’s large build and legs. If the attack hits, Alushe’s small body will be blown away.
—In order to entangle Alushe, the spider-like Valderossa will spin webs around the battlefield. She has a wide variety of attack methods, and can also cling to the ceiling and pounce down on Alushe.

■ The Story of Girls Running Through the Darkness

Alushe, an agent of the Curia, loses her life in escorting her childhood friend and saint, Liliana, and is revived as a half-demon. In order to find Liliana, who disappeared, Alushe has to fight against the dangers of the night.

Veruschka, a woman dispatched from the Lourdes Order, which is a group that opposes the Curia, attempts to put an end to Alushe with her dual daggers. Veruschka’s relentless goal is not just instructed by the Order—she seems to have a serious hate for Alushe, who is a half-demon like herself.

Returning to the hotel, Camilla’s employee Eleanor Ernesto has arrived. Eleanor, who also does work as a merchant and is well connected, heard about Liliana, and shares the information Alushe wanted to hear—she may still be nearby. Alushe hurriedly runs off.

‘I may be able to see Liliana again soon.’ Moving forward with that hope and desire beating in her chest, she encounters a huge demon blocking her path. To defeat the fiend and continue moving forward, Alushe swings her powerful blood sword to take down the powerful foe.

Overcoming the difficult road, Alushe finally reaches the figure she was searching for. In a garden of flowers, Alushe calls out to a girl basked in a fragile ambiance. Will she respond to Alushe’s call? Will this be the end of Alushe’s battle…?

■ Giant Enemies Blocks Alushe’s Path

During her journey, poweful demons and large-scale fiends will stand before Alushe as boss battles. Their large bodies and various special abilities are much stronger compared to other fiends, and if you are careless in the fight against them, you will quickly be defeated. When challenging these large fiends, working together with your Lily and subordinate demons is key.

When fighting a boss, they will sometimes have a variety of things to say to Alushe. They will sometimes have a haughty attitude that corresponds to their large builds, sometimes lead you astray, and other times agitate and make Alushe lose her composure. Bosses are of course not only different in personality and appearance, they also harass Alushe through unique and powerful attacks.

A Boss’ Special Attacks

By hiding its large body in the ground, the huge, fish-like fiend Jaw trifles with Alushe and the others while waiting for an unguarded moment to attack. In ways such as this, each large fiend has its own unique attack methods, which Alushe will have to ascertain for each one she battles.

Mechanics Useful During Boss Battles

There are certain mechanics in boss stages that will help in defeating demons and large-scale fiends. By using these mechanics skillfully, you’ll be able to proceed the battle with an advantage by dealing big damage to or weakening the boss.

—By breaking the barrels placed throughout the stage when it makes contact with the Jaws’ body, you’ll cover the boss in a flammable liquid. By burning the liquid with Nero’s subordinate demon action, you can set the boss on fire. You can use this unguarded moment while the boss is on fire to hit it with a slew of attacks.

■ Battles Against Fiends

The Basics of Battle

In her struggle to reach the “Queen of the Moon,” a great number of fiends will stand in Alushe’s path. While swinging her sword, Alushe will fight alongside her Lily and subordinate demons to defeat them.

—The basic battle screen. On the upper right is the dungeon mini-map, on the lower right is the combo count. On the upper left is Alushe’s HP, Lily Burst gauge, Lily HP, and Double Chase gauge, and on the lower left are instructions she can issue her allies.

Unleash powerful attacks while inserting commands with proper timing. Additionally, you can perform various combos, such as attacking the enemy with consecutive attacks while quickly moving around, that expand the breadth of battle. Also, combos further evolve through the use of weapons transformed from “Striker” subordinate demons.

Cooperative Attacks with Your Lily

By filling up the Double Chase gauge, you can trigger a Double Chase to perform a cooperative attack with your Lily. Your Double Chase with Camilla, for example, will do damage to enemies within the effective range.

If you use Veruschka’s active skill, you can deal damage to several surounding enemies. Since each Lily’s weapon and battle style vary, you should change up the Lily you take along depending on the stage to make clearing it easier.

The subordinate demons that Alushe can summon can unleash special attacks called subordinate demon actions. The “Tricker”-type subordinate demon Shalf, for example, surrounds itself with balls of thunder that deal damage to enemies upon contact. Also, “Striker”-type subordinate demons can transform into weapons for Alushe.

Bosses have high HP and various attacks, making them difficult to overcome using only Alushe’s power. By cooperating with your Lily and subordinate demons, you can unleash powerful attacks and defeat the boss.

■ New Subordinate Demons


Dump is a mechanical, golem-like, “Striker”-type subordinate demon that can transform into a pile bunker. By equipping this large weapon, Alushe’s attack and movement speed will become slow, but her attack strength will be number one.


Peruru is a plump, dolphin-like, “Tricker”-type subordinate demon. Contrary to its cute appearance, it has high-power projectiles. Even when you’re surrounded, Peruru makes it easy to regain your footing since its skills can be used to push back the enemy.

■ Freely Develop Your Subordinate Demons

By clearing quests, you will earn “Subordinate Demon Points” that you can use to level up the subordinate demons that fight alongside Alushe. By assigning points to four parameters—HP, MP, ATK, and SATK—you’ll be able to individually level up your subordinate demons.

—HP affects the subordinate demon’s physical strength, MP affects their special action time and use frequency, ATK affects their attack power, and SATK affects a Striker’s weapon attack power / a Tricker’s action power. For example, if you want to develop the Striker-type Eir that specializes in skills…
—By increasing the MP and SATK, Eir’s effect time and weapon power during weaponification will increase. However, since its HP and ATK won’t increase, Eir’s attack power and HP outside of weaponification will remain the same.
—If you develop the Tricker-type subordinate demon Kaede, who originally has low HP and high MP, to specialize in physical strength…
—Then its attack power will increase and it will become a more reliable subordinate demon in battle. Through this repeated development, each parameter will eventually surpass a certain value, its appearance will “evolve,” and its parameters will further rise. Additionally, by reaching MAX for all parameters, you can perform a “reincarnation” to return them to level one and expand its limit of development.

■ Premium Box FIrst-Print Bonus Costume

The Premium Box version of Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon includes an exclusive swimsuit costume for Alushe.

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