Capcom's future plans include more support for Switch

In Capcom's more recent fiscal report, there was a blurb which should make Nintendo fans happy. The company specifically pointed out the Switch during a mention of multiplatform support. Capcom has Ultra Street Fighter II lined up for Switch, but as you can see in the slide above, it seems they have more titles lined up. Now when do we get to see them?!

Ultra Street Fighter II - file size

Ultra Street Fighter II

- 2.7 GB

Capcom - Monster Hunter Generations a solid seller, XX off to a promising start, Stories underperformed

Coming from Capcom's latest financial report...

- Monster Hunter XX is "off to a promising start"
- Monster Hunter Generations was a solid seller overseas
- Monster Hunter Stories "underperformed"

I really think Monster Hunter Stories has a chance at being a strong performer stateside. It just has to be marketed right. I know I'm really eager to get in on it!

Fan-Art: Mega Man cosplay

Certainly a unique take on the Mega Man outfit. Believe it or not, this cosplay costume cost about $50 to make. Check out more pics here!

My Nintendo - Ultra Street Fighter II rewards info

Reward available until: 5/27/2017 at 2 AM [America/New York]
Redeemable: 1 time
To celebrate the release of the Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers game for the Nintendo Switch™ console on 5/26, we're offering this May calendar featuring the "supreme master of the fist" himself, Akuma. It can be downloaded in eight different resolutions for PC, smart phone, or tablet.

For PCs
・1920 x 1080,・1366 x 768,・1280 x 1024
For smart devices
・1080 x 1920・640 x 1136・1242 x 2208・750 x 1334 ・720 x 1280

Grab yours here

Monster Hunter barrel backpack releasing in Japan

This item will see release in Japan on April 27th, and will cost 9,800 yen. It's a must-have for the Monster Hunter player who's always on the move!

Analyst firm bumps up projected Switch sales/attach rate, thinks Monster Hunter 5 is coming

The following comes from analyst firm, Macquarie Group...

The Macquarie Group has been both spot-on and plain wrong in the past. Take their information with a grain of salt. It'll be interesting to see where their predictions fall in a few months.

Mega Man X figure from AMAKUNI - more pics

Certainly from one of the more memorable, sad scenes in the X series. This figure from AMAKUNI releases in Japan this October/November. Check out more pics of this uniquely designed figure here.