Japan - Bomberman 64, Zack & Wiki, Kiki Trick, Excitebots, Lost in Shadow hitting Wii U eShop

Just now, Nintendo has added Bomberman 64, Zack & Wiki, Kiki Trick, Excitebots and Lost in Shadow to the Wii U eShop!

New speedrun record set for getting all stars across 5 different Mario games

Watch live video from Vallu111 on www.twitch.tv

Got a spare 25 hours, 33 minutes? Why not spend it watching the speedrun record above? Vallu111 managed to grab the record by collecting all the stars in Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy, Galaxy 2 and Super Mario 3D World. Now who's willing to try and top this?!

Just Dance World Cup returns, Sophia Grace to judge UK national finals

LONDON, UK – JUNE 27TH — Today, Ubisoft® announced the new season of the Just Dance World Cup, with a brand new competition format for the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Endorsed by 5 well-known social media celebrities, and even more special guests, the Just Dance World Cup aims to become the first talent competitive show based on a video game.


For the last three years, the Just Dance World Cup has successfully taken a unique approach to the world of eSport competition: not only has it been the perfect match between video games and physical activity, but the only existing eSport show.

This year, the Just Dance World Cup reinvents itself, by transforming its qualification process and adopting a reality show model in France, UK, Germany, Italy and Spain:

Online selection per country: local qualifications will start online on July 16th 2017 and will allow 4 candidates to qualify per territory.

A new qualification format: each capital city will pick their 4 candidates during a series of European auditions organised on September 16th 2017 in Paris, Berlin, London, Rome and Madrid, in front of a jury of experts, with the support of the social media talent who will be at the casting. France will select 3 candidates during its auditions, with the final slot awarded to the winner at Paris Games Week[1].

To be broadcasted on a major national channel, the best candidates of both selection processes will secure their chance to participate in the National Final to become the National Just Dance Champion. Each National Champion will then move on to the final stage of the competition; the Just Dance World Cup Finals in early 2018. The worldwide champion will have the unique opportunity to participate in the next Just Dance, with the creation of their own map in Just Dance Unlimited*.


For its 4th season, the Just Dance World Cup has partnered with the most talented Youtubers in Europe. Natoo in France, Sophia Grace in the UK, Julien Bam in Germany, Favij in Italy and Paula Gonu in Spain will bring their personality and creativity to the JDWC, and will sit in as jury members during the National Finals.

In addition to the five headline stars, many more Youtubers such as Une petite Jajoux, Tim in France or Eleonora Olivieri and Riccardo Dose in Italy will report on the progress of the competitors during the Just Dance World Cup.

Just Dance Unlimited is an additional on-demand subscription service available through Just Dance 2016, Just Dance 2017 & Just Dance 2018.

For more information about Just Dance World Cup, please visit justdancegame.com

Japan - Switch hits 1 million units sold

Nintendo has officially sold 1 million Switch units in Japan! It took the company 16 weeks to hit the goal. No doubt, the figure could have been reached faster if there was more stock to go around! Here's now the figure stacks up against Wii U and Wii in their first 16 weeks.

- Wii: 1.85 million units
- Wii U: 820 000 units

Street Fighter II Charity Album Features 20 Hip-Hop Artists

Richmond, VA - June 20, 2017 - Twenty producers, DJs, and emcees from Richmond, Virginia are excited to present a collaborative hip-hop tribute charity album featuring the iconic melodies from Street Fighter II. Street Fighter: The RVA Warrior breathes new life into each of the world warriors' themes, and best of all, proceeds will be donated to the Richmond-based Building a Better RPS charitable organization to benefit public schools in the area. Street Fighter: The RVA Warrior is available today wherever digital music is sold.

Collaborators including radio host Black Liquid, members of Gritty City Records, DJs Phil Dice, 8-Bit Mullet, and Dope Solo/Sultans, a co-founder of the Party Liberation Front, and others joined the project to showcase Richmond's musical talent, support a much-needed cause, promote inclusion and unity among local groups, and pay homage to one of the greatest videogames of all time by remixing its thrilling original soundtrack.

A release show and fundraising event will be held at Garden Grove Brewery on Thursday, June 22nd, at 8:00pm. The show, which will also be streamed live on Twitch, will include a Street Fighter II tournament, costume contest, and live art by Amy Black, a prominent tattoo artist. Garden Grove will be serving a Street Fighter-themed beer, Yoga Fire: a habanero-infused India Pale Ale. Funds from donations, a raffle, and profits from CD and digital sales will go towards projects aimed at improving Richmond's public school system.

"I was excited to receive so much interest once I shared the concept with the collaborators," comments project organizer Alan "8-Bit Mullet" Brymer. "It's been a great way to connect with other artists, support a good cause, and have fun re-living
a game that each of us grew up loving despite our different backgrounds."

Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/events/364813640583561/

Japan - Wii U eShop gets one N64 title, four Wii titles

Surprise! In Japan, Nintendo has added 4 more legacy titles to the Wii U eShop. Now available for purchase are Excitebike 64, Pikmin, Pikmin 2, WarioWare: Smooth Moves and Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat.

Nintendo on why it's taken so long for another 2D Metroid, Metroid: Other M criticisms

Coming from a Kotaku interview with Nintendo's Yoshio Sakamoto...

On why it’s taken so long to make a new 2D Metroid game:

Sakamoto: I’m working on other titles outside of Metroid, of course. I’ve been fairly busy with stuff. There’s a lot of timing involved when all the pieces fall into place, and we have the ability to do some of these things we’ve been thinking about for a long time. I guess for us the timing was two years ago. Or now.

On how criticism of Metroid: Other M has affected the depiction of Samus

Sakamoto: To be honest, as far as wanting to change that depiction of Samus, I made what I wanted to make. It did give me some momentum, I guess, and the ability to look at Samus from a new viewpoint, and maybe reconsider what I wanted to show about her.

Nintendo wants to keep the Smash Bros. tournament scene at a grassroots level

Coming from Reggie Fils-Aime...

“I love passionate Smash fans.

We’ve been in this social competitive space for a long time. Smash Bros. Melee has been a mainstay in the competitive gaming space for a long time. What we’re doing—and our take on his space is we want to encourage the community. We want to enable them to put on tournaments and to have fun and for the players themselves to participate in these types of situations. That’s our view of this space.

I will say this. Five, six, seven years ago, as we engaged with our developers and talked to them about Smash Bros. and what was happening, there was not a lot of understanding about this space. And it’s been people like [Nintendo of America’s] Bill Trinen and JC Rodrigo and all of these folks who understand the space that have helped us educate our company and educate our developers around the benefits of engaging with the community and empowering and enabling this to happen. It was with the most recent Smash Bros. that we’ve done more tournaments and we’re supporting both the Melee community as well as the Smash Bros. Wii U community and they’re both vibrant and are continuing to grow.

It’s community-oriented. It’s enabling the community to drive it forward. We have relationships, obviously, with entities like Evo and Battlefly. We want to do this much more at a grassroots level than others’ visions around leagues and big up-front payments and things of that nature.”

Capcom shows off cut-scene concept art for Mega Man 10

This artwork is included in Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, which isn't coming our way. That said, Mega Man 10 hit WiiWare years ago. I think that meats we deserve to enjoy this concept art!


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