Random Time! Uber CEO once held a Wii Sports Tennis record

Here's a little tidbit you might not know. Believe it or not, the current CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, was once a top-notch Wii Sports player. While not able to take the top spot for himself, he did pull in the second place spot overall in Wii Sports Tennis. Now he's running a major brand! If only we knew his secret of turning his Wii Sport Tennis skills into an idea for a global company!

Wii Shop Channel theme - acoustic cover

Man, one of the most iconic themes Nintendo has put out there. Really sticks with you, and it's not even tied to a game! I'll never get tired of hearing different covers.

Tantalus discusses their work on Zelda: Twilight Princess HD - convincing Nintendo, Nintendo involvement, dev time

The following info comes from a Fragments of Silicon interview with Tantalus CEO Tom Crago...

On how long it took to convince Nintendo that they could do it…

Several months. I mean they are obviously an incredibly meticulous company, and we’re talking about a beloved property – one of the most beloved properties in the whole house of Nintendo, so we approached it very diligently and carefully, and we went to Kyoto a couple of times to meet with Aonuma-san and his team, and to talk to them about the work that we’d done and what we proposed to do on Twilight Princess, and then there are a series of experiments and tests and trials and so on before you have the opportunity to actually go into full development, and we are fortunate that we got that opportunity.

On how involved Nintendo was with the oversight of the project…

Very, very involved. Aonuma-san himself, obviously, he signs off on everything – it’s his game. At all levels he was omnipresent. And then a team of people there in Kyoto dedicated to the game, so daily conversations, very regular calls, a bit of back and forth between us here in Melbourne and Nintendo in Kyoto, and regular builds and reporting, and all those things. So yeah, absolutely, they were extremely hands on.

On development length…

It must have been 18 months plus, and the team… up to maybe like 40 people at various points. I mean, a big game even in its adaptation in terms of time frame and team size.

Man says Dragon Quest X may have lead to his divorce

This is Kaccho, and he loves the Dragon Quest series. He has all sorts of trinkets and merch related to Dragon Quest, and obviously has all the games as well. He's been pouring tons and tons of time into Dragon Quest X. So much so, that Kaccho believes it lead to his divorce. He simply started shirking his duties as a husband/father and played. Now that he's divorced, he's lost touch completely with his ex-wife and daughter. He hopes to rekindle his relationship with his daughter, but hasn't been able to have any contact at all.

Video games are great and all, but please don't pour so much time into them that you ignore your loved ones. Nothing is worth that loss.

Samus figma: Metroid Prime 3 version - more pics

This gorgeous figma is due out this October. Make sure to check out even more pics right here.

Dragon Quest X Wii owners can get the Switch version for free

- Wii owners will be able to get the Switch version for free
- with the Registration Code, you can keep playing with the same character
- players with the Wii version registered will get a download code for the Switch version
- players who want a physical copy will have to buy it themselves
- it doesn’t matter if you also registered on other platforms
- as long as you are registered on Wii, you will get your free copy of the game
- your account needs to have a valid email address, or you will not be able to take part into the campaign

Skyward Sword Link, Player 2 Corrin amiibo exclusive to Amazon

This just leaves two more amiibo exclusives to figure out. Could be Best Buy or Toys R' Us. We'll keep you posted!

Nintendo sends Switch to boy who gave his Wii to grieving police department

WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and Sports

If you missed out on the first story, you should definitely check it out. It's pretty heartwarming, as well as a tear-jerker. Check it out here.