King of Fighters getting CG animated series in China

No word on the series heading outside of Japan at this time. It would certainly be great to see, especially for Virtual Console fans. We've had plenty of experience with the King of Fighters franchise over the years!

Ex-Good Feel composer shares insight into composing for various Nintendo franchises

A portion of a HeyPoorPlayer interview with composer Tomoya Tomita, who composed tracks for Wario Land: Shake It, Kirby's Epic Yarn & Yoshi's Woolly World.

HPP: What is your design process in composing music?

TT: Basically, I just take the music I hear in my head and give them proper form. I’m not very good at reading and writing sheet music, though, so I program everything directly into Cubase. First, I play some musical “memos” on the piano to get a feel for the melody, harmonies, and rhythm. I then use that as a base when I create the full arrangement.

Full interview here

Wii emulator can now access the Wii Shop Channel

Well this is one thing Nintendo might be happy about. The Dolphin emulator, which lets you play Wii games, can now access the Wii Shop Channel. Yes, you can actually download legit demos and games from the Wii Shop Channel, legitimately. What a time to be alive.

Smash Bros. tournament organizer accused of sexual harassment

First off, here's details on what exactly BEAST is.

BEAST is a yearly international tournament held in Gothenburg that features top of the line players in various Super Smash Bros. titles. First held in 2011, it is the biggest European Super Smash Bros. Melee series and has featured notorious players such as Armada, Leffen, Mango, Ice, Professor Pro, Amsah and others. Past highlights include BEAST 3 marking the first showing of Melee god Mango outside the United States, BEAST 4 being the first time Leffen defeated Armada in a tournament and BEAST 5 featuring the biggest European Melee and Smash Bros. for Wii U tournaments ever held in Europe - before being surpassed by the BEAST 6 versions of the same tour.

Now that you know what it is, we can fill you in on the turmoil the tournament is currently facing. BEAST head organizer Lolex has been accused of sexual harassment numerous times over by BEAST member, Anna "Annapower 89" Fröderberg. According to Anna, Lolex has made advances on her, manipulated people and on one occasion, propositioned an underage girl using alcohol and “strong medication.” This information has pushed all 12 BEAST team members to leave the team. Here is the message they shared.

From a broader perspective, this experience has been a harsh reminder of a less than flattering reality, which is that sexual assault and harassment does exist within our community. Dealing with these issues is a crucial part of moving our scene forward towards being more inclusive towards people of all gender, race, age and sexuality. Quite simply, we would like to be a part of the solution in moving this problem in the right direction. We therefore encourage victims of sexual abuse from within the community to reach out to the community for help.