Zelda: BotW Complete Official Guide Amazon listing gives info on shrine totals, seed puzzles, side quests

AT-A-GLANCE WALKTHROUGHS: Annotated maps and screenshots show you the way through every quest and dungeon.

· UTTERLY COMPREHENSIVE: 120 Shrine mini-dungeons, 900 Korok seed puzzles, 76 side quests all mapped out and ready for you to discover and complete! Also includes optional challenges, mini-games, unlockables, Easter eggs, and more.

· PUZZLE MASTER: Every single puzzle and riddle unraveled with clear, visual solutions.

· EXPERT COMBAT STRATEGY: Practical, reproducible tactics to crush your enemies, even the toughest bosses.

· COMPREHENSIVE REFERENCE: Exhaustive appraisals of all items and monsters including key parameters that are hidden in the game.

· FREE MAP POSTER: covering the entire game world.

·QUALITY CONTROL: carefully designed to avoid unnecessary story spoilers.

Thanks to Jane for the heads up!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Wii U Vs. Switch screens

It's touch to compare, since the screens are taken at different times of day. That said, the poses are nearly identical in all screens. Is the Switch version objectively prettier, or does the lighting in each picture make the difference? Check out more here.

GoNintendo: Today's BIG Story 1/20/17 - Zelda: Breath of the Wild has two endings!

Welcome to Today's BIG Story for Jan. 20th, 2017. Eiji Aonuma came out with some blockbuster Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild news. Looks like we'll have a massive reason to replay the game!

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Wii U eShop charts - Jan. 20th, 2017


1. Pokemon Snap
2. Mario Kart 64
3. Mario Party 2
4. Mario Party 10
5. Zelda: Majora’s Mask
6. Super Mario 64
7. Super Mario World
8. Super Mario 3D World
9. Zelda: Skyward Sword
10. Zelda: Ocarina of Time
11. Super Mario Bros.
12. F-Zero X
13. Super Mario Bros. 3
14. Minecraft: Wii U Edition
15. Splatoon
16. Super Mario RPG
17. Zelda: Wind Waker HD
18. Star Fox 64
19. Super Mario Maker
20. Zelda: A Link to the Past


1. Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Presentation Trailer
2. Zelda: Breath of the Wild Nintendo Switch Presentation
3. Switch Concept Trailer
4. Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Switch Presentation Trailer
5. Switch Playstyles Trailer
6. Splatoon 2 Nintendo Switch Presentation Trailer
7. Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017
8. Switch Parental Controls
9. First look at Nintendo’s new home gaming system
10. Pokemon Snap Trailer
11. Arms Nintendo Switch Presentation Trailer
12. Super Mario Mash-Up Pack for Minecraft: Wii U Edition
13. Paper Mario: Color Splash – A Splash of Mystery
14. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Nintendo Switch Presentation
15. Pokken Tournament TV Spot
16. 1-2-Switch Nintendo Switch Presentation Trailer
17. Zelda: Breath of the Wild E3 2016 Trailer
18. Fire Emblem Warriors Nintendo Switch Presentation
19. Paper Mario: Color Splash – Time to Make a Splash!
20. Yoshi’s Woolly World Adventure Guide Episode 1

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild features an alternate ending

Coming from an IGN interview with Eiji Aonuma... (Google translate)

"There is an alternate ending if you meet certain criteria. If you do a few things, you may see a different ending."

I have played all the Zelda titles, but I can't remember an alternate ending in any of them. Am I forgetting something, or is this a first?

Hollow Knight cancelled for Wii U, moving to Switch

We’ve had a long conversation with Nintendo and given their recent reveals, we can now announce: Hollow Knight is making the switch to Nintendo’s new portable/home/hybrid platform!

That’s both sad and happy news for us. Though we can confirm the Switch as a release platform, we also have to confirm that Hollow Knight will no longer make its way to the Wii U. That’s not a step we’ve taken lightly. Our Wii U release has recently been hampered by several technical challenges and though we’d love to see Hollow Knight on our favourite console, we feel the quality difference would end up such that Wii U players will be experiencing a lesser version of the game.

We’re aiming to release the Switch version of Hollow Knight not too long after the platform’s launch.