Jan. 2017 NPD - NES Classic Edition was the month's third-best selling console, outsold Wii U

- outsold the Wii U
- NES Classic Edition was the third-best selling console

Nintendo of Europe states that NES Classic Edition will "continue to ship to retail units on a regular basis"

The following statement comes from a TechRadar interview with a Nintendo of Europe representative:

Production for the Nintendo Classic Mini: NES continues, and NOE [Nintendo of Europe] will continue to ship units to retail on a regular basis.

So, if you are still waiting to purchase an NES Classic Edition, there may still be hope yet! If there are any further announcements regarding the product, we will be sure to announce them here on the site!

RUMOR - NES Classic Edition production ceasing in Nordic countries

- word coming to retailers from Nordic distributor Bergsala
- production has ended
- a few more shipments will arrive before allotments dry up
- last shipment should arrive in April or May
- a Norwegian retailer has confirmed this via Facebook

Fan-Art - Giant NES Controllers spotted in Los Angeles

Giant Nintendo controllers at Broadway and Slanson (x-post Los Angeles.)

For those wondering where exactly these are in Los Angeles, you can find them at Broadway and Slauson. It sounds like it might be a rough part of town, so be careful if you venture out.

Today's BIG Story 2/9/17 - Netflix's Castlevania is R-RATED AS F***!

Welcome to Today's BIG Story for Feb. 9th, 2017. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME HARDCORE CASTLEVANIA, MOTHERF***ERS?!

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Now hackers are making the NES Classic Edition play Game Boy, Genesis, SNES games and more

I knew this was going to happen the very second Nintendo said you couldn't add games to the NES Classic Edition. The moment you tell people they can't do something, they make it their mission to prove you wrong. First we had NES games added to the NES Classic Edition, and now we have games from all different systems on the NES Classic Edition. I can only imagine how far the hacking scene is going to take this.

Netflix's Castlevania adaptation based on Dracula's Curse, will be "R-rated as f***", says producer

- Castlevania Season 1, Part 1 will be arriving this year
- no specific date was revealed
- four-part season
- each episode running for approximately 30 minutes
- will be an adaptation of Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
- second season will follow in 2018

"This is very much Castlevania done in the vein of Game of Thrones. Warren Ellis added so much depth to the material. [The series is] going to be R-rated as f***. This is going to be the best f*****g video game adaptation we've had to date." - producer Adi Shankar