StarFox 64 hitting Wii U VC in North America tomorrow

Lead the Star Fox team to victory!

The Lylat system has been invaded! Take control of the Arwing and skim over the surface of an alien sea, weave through the concrete canyons of a futuristic metropolis, or dodge planetoids the size of mountains. Complete 15 missions on your way to the final showdown on planet Venom. It's up to Fox McCloud and his team of space mercenaries to save the galaxy from the clutches of the evil Andross.

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Square-Enix dev says Nintendo told Squaresoft to 'never come back' when Final Fantasy VII jumped from N64 to PS1

Coming from a Polygon interview with multiple Square-Enix/Squaresoft devs...

Hiroshi Kawai, Character programmer, Square Japan - I’ll say this. I’m impressed with what Nintendo [was] able to do with the 64 hardware. Mario, Zelda — their devs must be top notch to be able to do that. But that’s essentially the extent of what you can do with the hardware. And you would get nowhere near anything like a Final Fantasy running on it.

Hironobu Sakaguchi - When we made our decision, the president of Square [Masafumi Miyamoto], our lead programmer [Ken Narita] and I went to a meeting with Yamauchi-san. There is an old cultural tradition where, in Kyoto, someone will welcome you with tea, but you’re not supposed to really drink that tea. It’s just polite to have it there. And Yamauchi-san welcomed us with a very expensive bento meal and beer, and gave us a very nice welcome and basically patted us on the back to say, “I wish you the best.” No bitter feelings or anything.

Hiroshi Kawai, Character programmer, Square Japan - I think [Sakaguchi] is just trying to be politically correct with that one.

Yoshihiro Maruyama, Executive vice president, Square U.S. - I don’t think [anyone from Nintendo gave us a hard time]. They said, “Oh, we don’t need that.” That’s what they said. [Laughs] Their philosophy has always been that Nintendo hardware is for their games, and if a publisher wants to publish, “OK you can do it.” But if you don’t like it, “We don’t want you.”

Hiroshi Kawai, Character programmer, Square Japan - What I heard was Nintendo said, “If you’re leaving us, never come back.”

Well that's quite a different answer from what we've heard all these years. I'm also sad to say, the line above seems more like something Nintendo would say back in the day.

AI learns how to play Mario Kart 64 through special software

Coming from software dev Kevin Hughes...

This winter break, I decided to try and finish a project I started a few years ago: training an artificial neural network to play MarioKart 64. It had been a few years since I’d done any serious machine learning, and I wanted to try out some of the new hotness (aka TensorFlow) I’d been hearing about. The timing was right.

Check out the full dev blog here

My Parents Play - Pokemon Snap

I have never played Pokemon Snap. I thought a new Parents Play would be the perfect excuse to check the game out with two others that I KNOW have never even heard of the game!

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