Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary Encyclopedia looks to be set for localization

Awhile back, we shared some details on the Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary Encyclopedia. Now we have some hope for the book to be localized. Amazon UK, Amazon Germany and Amazon France all have the encyclopedia up for pre-order, while Amazon US and Amazon Canada have listings available. All the listings have a June 15th placeholder date. Looks like it's just a matter of time before this sucker is officially announced!

Jakks Pacific's new 4-inch line has a color mistake

We won't point out the color issue, as we're sure most of you can pick up on. Leave a comment with your guess!

Mario Sports Superstars - another round of footage

I know this title has been getting some mediocre hands-on from press, but I can't help my excitement for golf. I have a problem! Even bad golf is still enjoyable to me. I can't explain why!

Charles Martinet - local news video interview

There's just something so infectious about Mr. Martinet's personality, isn't there? He's always so chipper and fun. I hope that's the real him and not just an act!