Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional - Japanese sales data

- sold around 125,000 copies in Japan
- sold less than DS’ Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional, which hit 164,000 copies week 1 and 638,000 units lifetime
- sold through 90 percent of its initial shipment
- sales ratio between Joker 2 Professional and original Joker 2 (lifetime sales of 1.32 million) was 48.3 percent

Dragon Quest - two more Nanblock sets coming

- due out in April
- Dragon Quest Nanoblock: Slime L Size (240 pieces)
- Dragon Quest Nanoblock: Dragon Quest III Braves (210 pieces)

Dragon Quest VIII - bonus SpotPass items now being distributed in Europe and North America

Dragon Quest Heroes I & II - new screens, art, info on characters and new content

Tons of screens and art here

- this version includes both titles and also all the additional content (sub-stories, costumes) released on other platforms
- new enemies/bosses
- Dragon Quest Heroes II can be played with up to 4 players (local multiplayer and online)
- features a new playable character: Ragnar McRyan (from Dragon Quest IV)
- new boss: Malroth (a God of Destruction, originally from Dragon Quest II)

Playable characters include:

DQ Heroes I

Alena (from Dragon Quest IV)
Clift (from Dragon Quest IV)
Manya (from Dragon Quest IV)
Psaro the Manslayer (from Dragon Quest IV)
Bianca Whitaker (from Dragon Quest V)
Nera Briscoletti (from Dragon Quest V)
Terry (from Dragon Quest VI)
Jessica Albert (from Dragon Quest VIII)
Yangus (from Dragon Quest VIII)

DQ Heroes II

Alena (from Dragon Quest IV)
Clift (from Dragon Quest IV)
Manya (from Dragon Quest IV)
Terry (from Dragon Quest VI)
Jessica Albert (from Dragon Quest VIII)
Torneko Taloon (from Dragon Quest IV)
Meena Mahabala (from Dragon Quest IV)
Carver (from Dragon Quest VI)
Maribel Mayde (from Dragon Quest VII)
Ruff (from Dragon Quest VII)
Angelo (from Dragon Quest VIII)

- includes special costumes from Dragon Quest II (early purchase bonus), Dragon Quest Heroes I: costume of the protagonist from Dragon Quest III and Dragon Quest Heroes II: costumes of the protagonists from Dragon Quest and III

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional - Speed Road, Demon King class monsters detailed

More screens here

■ Speed Road

In Break World, where the protagonist and other characters live, there is a secret practice facility called “Masters Road” that only monster masters can challenge.

And a secret facility has also been discovered in the World of Incarnus, where a new adventure will take place. It’s called “Speed Road.”

The only thing this facility requires is technique. Ride your favorite monster and run through the decided course like a race with your eyes on the goal.

At the goal, you can receive a great number of rewards, which you won’t want to miss getting if you’re a monster master. Be sure to take on Speed Road after you discover the facility’s entrance!

—The entrance to Speed Road lies in the middle of nowhere. Discovering the entrance is also one of your tests as a monster master.

—There are monsters that will block your path on the course. Skillfully slip through them while collecting the crystals that drop on the course. Aim for the goal!

—Crystals come in all shapes and sizes. The bigger the crystals, the higher your score.

—There are various mechanics set up in the game. Among them, there are also “SP (Special) Items.”

—By using SP Items, you’ll brush away enemies for a short time. The enemies you defeat will drop crystals.

—After reaching the goal, you’ll receive a reward depending on your score. Collect a lot of crystals to get a premium item.

—And there are even more stages! Complete every stage to master Speed Road!

■ Demon King Class Monsters

The Demon King class monsters that have appeared in the Dragon Quest series will continue to appear in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3.

Making friends with the monsters that stood before you as formidable enemies, and then adventuring together, is a feature unique to the Monsters series.

Befriending these monsters is no easy task, but if you want to make it as a true monster master, you’re going to want to befriend every monster.

Demon King Omudo Rex (from Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light)

The huge weapon Omudo Lores created its own personality in order to think and grow on its own. Everything it does is in order to carry out the commands of its master.

This monster loves slaughter more than anything. Considering it exerts itself to the limits of brutality, it is said to get excited and become unable to sleep at night.

A monster who took the chalice filled with the power of darkness into its body and became a True Demon King whose power surpasses that of a god.