Dragon Quest creator looks back on creating Dragon Quest VIII, updating for 3DS, series as a whole

The following info comes from a Game Informer interview with Dragon Quest creator, Yuji Horii...

On Dragon Quest VIII

“If you can see a mountain in the distance, you can run to that mountain and climb up it. Nowadays, this is pretty commonplace technology, but when Dragon Quest VIII was first released, this was groundbreaking. I thought that laying out the story as a guiding path would make it possible to adventure and have fun in the world. While we have provided that path, we also intended for it to be possible to diverge from the path and enjoy the game freely.

I came up with the idea of occasionally but not always entering Super High Tension when building up tension. Will you be able to go Super by spending another turn to build tension? Or will you end up wasting a turn? I thought that sense of excitement was great. As for the visuals when that happened, the Super Saiyan [from Dragon Ball Z] transformation was perfect for the effect, so I borrowed that concept.

I wanted to come up with an alchemy system that relied on your intuition, so you would wonder what you could make by combining two different things. We started with the simple idea of combining two herbs to get a better herb, and expanded it from there. It feels great to do a lot of damage with a weapon you built yourself.”

Horii also touched on the 3DS remake, where he said the dev team “analyzed play feedback from users and development staff, then added in the characteristics of the 3DS hardware to come up with ideas for additional elements and changes and then decide on the ones to pursue.” Finally, Horii shared his thoughts on the Dragon Quest series as a whole.

“This concept hasn’t changed from the time we created the original Dragon Quest. The hardware, however, keeps evolving, and there have been huge advances in the technology to realize these worlds. People can have more and more realistic experiences in games. What I would like to aim for next is a fusion of the virtual and the real. It would be amazin gif I could make a game that would improve the player’s real life as well.”

Bubble Slime New Nintendo 2DS XL announced for Japan, launches alongside Dragon Quest XI

- 22480 yen
- Dragon Quest Slime-themed New Nintendo 2DS XL hardware
- Physical copy of Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time
- download code for early purchase bonuses “Vest of Happiness” and “Upstart Vest”
- Liquid Metal Slime 3DS theme download code

More pictures here!

Dragon Quest XI - new screens and system details

The information was translated by Gematsu...

- Skill Panel consists of each member of the party’s skills arranged as panels
- by allocating the Skill Points you obtain by leveling up and other means, you can learn special skills and increase your stats
- “Spell of Restoration” is a feature that lets you continue your adventure from roughly the same place in the story by entering a code into the adventure log menu
- since you can log the hero’s name and roughly how far you’ve advanced in the story, you can continue the story on a different platform
- your level, the amount of money you have, and your possessions will be replaced with those prepared beforehand based on your progress of the story

More information and screenshots here!

Man says Dragon Quest X may have lead to his divorce

This is Kaccho, and he loves the Dragon Quest series. He has all sorts of trinkets and merch related to Dragon Quest, and obviously has all the games as well. He's been pouring tons and tons of time into Dragon Quest X. So much so, that Kaccho believes it lead to his divorce. He simply started shirking his duties as a husband/father and played. Now that he's divorced, he's lost touch completely with his ex-wife and daughter. He hopes to rekindle his relationship with his daughter, but hasn't been able to have any contact at all.

Video games are great and all, but please don't pour so much time into them that you ignore your loved ones. Nothing is worth that loss.

Dragon Quest slime headphones hitting Japan

- available tomorrow in Japan
- 4 color options
- found as a prize in claw machines

Dragon Quest XI - Jump scan details "Skill Panel" system

Skill Panel

- new system by which the characters of Dragon Quest XI can grow
- Skill Panel is lined up with unique skills for each character
- acquire “Skill Points” by leveling up and unlocking panels
- use Skill Points to learn new skills
- start from the middle of the Skill Panel and use skill points to learn the skills of unlocked panels
- shape of the Skill Panel is different for each character
- Protagonist: “Giga Slash” – Mow down the enemy using a lightning blade in a skill exclusive to a hero.
- Camus: “Steal” – Get items from monsters.
- Veronica: “Magical Awakening” – Increases the power of spells.
- Senya: “Melody of Fire” – Puts on a flame of protection.
- Silvia: “Flute of Fascination” – Charms monsters with the sound of a flute.
- Martina: “Vacuum Kick” – Hits the enemy with a powerful kick.
- Row: “Aesthetic Enlightenment” – Attains enlightenment and increases spell effects.

Famitsu removes mention of 2017 from their Dragon Quest XI Switch page

We don't know when Dragon Quest XI is going to hit the Switch. That info is up in the air right now. With that said, Famitsu had the title listed for 2017 release on their official hub page. Now it seems they've updated the page with a basic "TBD" instead of the 2017 that's been there for awhile. Is Famitsu privy to some info, or are they just covering their bases?

Dragon Quest XI - more character profiles, screens and art

The Rare Emperor – King of Delcadar

The king that rules over Delcadar. Not only is he praised as the wisest king in Lotozetasia, he is also a master swordsman, and is regarded as rare in that he has all the qualities of a king. Although he is a generous man, when order is disturbed, he is strict and austere in addressing it.

The Great General – Greig

The brave general of Delcadar. There is none in the kingdom that rivals him in swordsmanship, and despite facing against monsters hundreds of the times in the past, even now he is undefeated. He has strong loyalty and is willing to risk his life as a shield as long as it is for the sake of his lord.

The Cold-Blooded Strategist – Homer

The strategist of Delcadar skilled in the art of war no matter the time and place. He has secured many achievements, such as destroying a large army of monsters with only a skeleton force. He is a character with accurate judgment and quick decisiveness who will execute a strategy based on the situation in order to secure victory.

—As a wise man, the King of Delcadar knows of the hero very well.
—The king himself is a master swordsman, worthy of the position to rule over the great nation of Delcadar.
—In a certain town, a statue was built to honor Greig’s military prowess.
—Homer leads his unit with clever commands to accurately corner his enemies.
—Greig’s loyalty to his lord is strong, and the king’s command takes priority over anything else.
—Homer is a man of strength who can also use powerful magic on the battlefield.

Dragon Quest X Wii owners can get the Switch version for free

- Wii owners will be able to get the Switch version for free
- with the Registration Code, you can keep playing with the same character
- players with the Wii version registered will get a download code for the Switch version
- players who want a physical copy will have to buy it themselves
- it doesn’t matter if you also registered on other platforms
- as long as you are registered on Wii, you will get your free copy of the game
- your account needs to have a valid email address, or you will not be able to take part into the campaign