Zelda: Breath of the Wild player turns his in-game photo album into a real-life coffee table book

Oh man, that is a FANTASTIC idea! A book full of your personal journeys. I'd love to have something like that on my coffee table! Too bad I suck at taking pictures! Thanks to AndrewMated and JordanAMAR0 for the heads up!

Zelda: Breath of the Wild wins "Deutscher Computerspielpreis 2017" award for Best International Game

- Aonuma thanks the audience for the award
- Aonuma: The team did not want to simply adapt the old formula of Zelda games, and they carefully balanced old and new elements
- Fujibayashi: The dev team had several challenges while developing; worked hard to satisfy gamers; is happy to see Germany loving it
- Takizawa: Artstyle has changed often throughout the series' history; the art team's experience has been applied to the game, that's why the whole team is very happy about the award
- Dohta: The team created lots of fun elements for the players, and the whole technical team is very happy to see Germany loving the game
- Aonuma: "We are honored to accept the price in the name of over 300 developers who worked hard and passionately on the game for years
- Everybody: "Vielen Dank!" (Thank you very much!)

Thanks to Gerjet and Haleman for the heads up!

Zelda: Breath of the Wild artist discusses immersion and how he made sure not to break it

The following comes from senior lead artist on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Ryuji Kobayashi

- wanted players to be immersed in the game
- he didn't want this immersive feeling to be compromised by the movement of Link
- examples of this are if you open a chest while crouching, as well as jump attacks from a horse
- there are plenty of example of “situation × action” and that actions you have not seen may be hidden

Fan-Art: Restaurant uses Zelda: Breath of the Wild chalk art to lure in customers

You can make your own jokes about dubious food in the comments below. I know you've got plenty of them lined up!

Clue: Legend of Zelda Edition now available

Birmingham, UK, 28th April 2017: Merchoid, the videogame merchandise specialist, has announced it will be stocking Zelda Clue, which is due for release later this year. The game is a Zelda themed version of the classic Clue whodunnit board game, in which you must use your sleuthing skills to work out how to defeat Ganondorf.

In the game, the Dark Lord Ganondorf has stolen the Triforce and is threatening Hyrule with his evil plans to rule the world. In order to fulfill the prophecy and defeat Ganondorf, you must find out who possesses the power to defeat Ganondorf, what item is required to defeat him, and where he has established his hidden lair.

The game is suitable for ages 8 and up is for 3 to 6 players and is due to ship in June.

The full contents of the game include:


Custom Game Board
6 Metal Hero Movers: Master Sword, Fairy Bow, Megaton Hammer, Boomerang, Hookshot, Bombchu
6 Personality Cards: Link, Impa, Nabooru, Zelda, Rauru. Darunia
16 Boss Encounter Cards
Custom Score Pad
Custom Mystery Envelope
2 Dice

Key features of Zelda: Clue

A Zelda themed version of the classic whodunnit board game
Fulfill the prophecy by deducing who possesses the power to defeat Ganondorf, what is needed to defeat him and where he has established his lair.
Only available for customers in the USA
Available to preorder from Merchoid now: http://www.merchoid.com/zelda-legend-of-zelda-clue-board-game/
For 3-6 players
Due to ship in June
Manufactured by USAopoly

Grab yours here

Nintendo president says Zelda: Breath of the Wild brought in customers who have never played a Zelda game

I can definitely see that being true. There's no denying that fans are a big part of the sales, but Breath of the Wild has reached out into the greater gaming community to interest people who've never touched the franchise. Let's hope it turns them into lifelong fans!

This player is coming up with amazing Shrine skips in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This is just the most recent Shrine skip that player Adrylek has put together for Breath of the Wild. He's making it his job to find unique, fun, fast and interesting ways to skip Shrine puzzles. Make sure to check out his playlist here for all kinds of impressive feats.