Dragon Quest Heroes I-II live stream airing this Wednesday

No official word on Dragon Quest Heroes I-II coming stateside yet, but at least we can watch some more footage this Wednesday. The YouTube live-stream will kick off at 6 AM ET and will feature footage from the game, as well as some devs on the project.

Final Fantasy 15 Director - Switch is "kind of a dream machine", "really fascinating", Square-Enix devs interested

Coming from a Polygon interview with FF15 director Hajime Tabata...

"Given my track record...I've worked on handheld titles, but I've also worked on console games. So the fact that Switch is both at the same time is really fascinating to me. I'm really interested in coming up with ideas and how to capitalize on that technology and how to create the best experience possible on the technology. But I'm not quite sure that I have it yet.

You have your Switch sitting in front of the television and you're playing on the big screen and then you take it out, put it down on the table. It becomes a monitor. You take out the two Joy-Cons, and you play with a friend ... it doesn't stop there, because in my mind, it would be really perfect if you could then take this new monitor and use it like a tablet, for example, and play different apps on it like you would on your iPhone or your Android. So basically, it's accomplishing three tasks in one machine. It's kind of like the dream machine.

While I may not be working on anything for it at this point in time, a lot of people on the staff are really interested in the Switch. Myself included! Many of the people on the dev team are older; they're married; they have kids. One of the things they'd like to do is create something they could also play with their children, or that their children could play on their own, for example."

Square-Enix says Final Fantasy XIV under consideration for Switch

This information comes from the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest 2017, so it's official. It would certainly be nice to see the support!

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional - Japanese sales data

- sold around 125,000 copies in Japan
- sold less than DS’ Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional, which hit 164,000 copies week 1 and 638,000 units lifetime
- sold through 90 percent of its initial shipment
- sales ratio between Joker 2 Professional and original Joker 2 (lifetime sales of 1.32 million) was 48.3 percent

Dragon Quest - two more Nanblock sets coming

- due out in April
- Dragon Quest Nanoblock: Slime L Size (240 pieces)
- Dragon Quest Nanoblock: Dragon Quest III Braves (210 pieces)

Final Fantasy 30th anniversary eShop sale - North American discounts

Wii U

- Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for $5.59


- Final Fantasy Explorers for $19.99
- Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call for $19.99