Dragon Quest XI - Double Pack pics

Remember, the Double Pack includes both the PS4 and 3DS versions of the game. I would imagine at some point there will be a double pack for both the Switch and 3DS versions.

Dragon Quest XI - details on spots of interests, new screenshots

The following information was translated by Gematsu...

Horse Racing
Horse racing is popular sport in some countries. Compete against famous knights to determine the best horse rider. If you win, you will receive a prize.

At the casino, you can exchange the coins you have on hand to enjoy various games such as the slots and roulette. You can exchange the coins you earn for wonderful prizes. You may even be able to acquire valuable items.

There are many people with troubles in the world. It is the duty of the hero to help such people. If you solve their problems well, you’ll receive a reward as a thank-you.

Small Medals

All over the world, you can sometimes find “Small Medals.” It is said that there is someone somewhere in the world who will give you wonderful rewards in exchange for them. Collect these medals to get rewards.

Dragon Quest XI - more off-screen pics and direct-feed screens

Check out the gallery here

Wouldn't it be nice to have a surprise announcement of a localization for Dragon Quest XI at E3 2017? I'm confident it'll happen at some point, but I imagine it's going to take quite some time.

Square-Enix on Dragon Quest XI sales expectations

Coming from Square-Enix President Yosuke Matsuda...

On Dragon Quest XI sales expectations as compared to previous installments

“It’s difficult to make a direct comparison given how different the market landscape is now compared to when we released “DRAGON QUEST IX,” which was back when home consoles were in their prime. Our plan is to leverage “DRAGON QUEST XI” to generate earnings across the DRAGON QUEST brand.”

On cannibalization of sales for other Dragon Quest games

“We do not believe that releasing “DRAGON QUEST XI” will result in cannibalization. Given the high level of user satisfaction that each of our existing titles enjoys, we believe that their fans will continue playing them. In addition, we intend to bring excitement to the entire DRAGON QUEST franchise around the time we launch “DRAGON QUEST XI.””

Finally, Matsuda said that predictions for Dragon Quest XI‘s sales performance are “conservative given changes in the market landscape and other considerations.”

Dragon Quest XI wasn't planned for 3DS at first

- development began in earnest in 2015
- the game was originally only intended for PS4
- since the dev team wanted as many people to play the game as possible, they decided to develop for 3DS as well
- to make sure 3DS players didn’t feel like they were getting an inferior version, the idea of 2D and 3D modes was implemented

Dragon Quest XI - info on towns, dev team inspiration, Incarnations of Time & Restricted Play feature

- there is a town called Samahdi located in the desert
- about 20 towns in the game (villages, towns, and castles)
- before development began, the team went to Machu Picchu for inspiration
- features some monsters called “Incarnations of Time”, which you'll frequently encounter throughout your adventure
- Restricted Play allows you to set various restrictions in order to make the game more challenging
- one example shown made it so the player couldn't ever purchase items from shops

Dragon Quest XI - special web video, live-stream recording, still no concrete info on Switch version

As far as the Switch version of Dragon Quest XI, Square-Enix said they don't have any concrete details to share at this time. Let's hope that info isn't too far off, and that the game releases on Switch this year.

Here are specific comments made by the Dragon Quest XI team relating to the Switch version.

“We can’t say about anything concrete regarding the Switch version of Dragon Quest XI. When the timing comes that we can say something… there are grown-up reasons. ...there are various circumstances." - Yuji Horii “When the time that we can say something does come, I think we’ll have something to say, so if you can please wait.” - producer Yosuke Saito

Dragon Quest X hitting Switch on Sept. 21st, box art revealed, first footage

If it doesn't play at the correct time, you can find Switch footage at 29:13.

- releasing in Japan on Sept. 21st
- ¥5,184
- monthly usage fee is ¥1,000-¥1,500 for 3-5 characters
- test period will be from July 19th to Aug. 10th
- need 16 GB of storage for the test version


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