Mario Kart Arcade GP VR - more promotional images

More images here

I really hope we see this setup come stateside. Seems like it would be perfect for a Dave & Busters or something like that. I know I'd travel a good distance just to play!

Looks like a Switch game card can survive a trip through the washing machine

Every have some money go through the washing machine? This is a little bit worse. Redditor ghostMiles accidentally ran a Switch game card through the wash, but the good news is, it still works afterwards! The sticker might be a little worse for the wear, but overall, I'd say things came out quite well!

RUMOR - Another round of Super Nintendo World concept art

New Super Nintendo World concept art

The wait for this one is going to be so agonizing. This Mario Kart ride that supposedly uses VR is going to be absolutely amazing. I need to check it out NOW!

UPDATE - There's also a new round of info to go along with this concept art. Remember, we learned that while most of the concept art out there is real, a lot is outdated. We know Mario Kart is the real deal, but other things like the Pokemon content has been scrapped. Still, if you want to check out the info, you can do so <a href="http://www.parkscope.net/2017/06/super-nintendo-world-concept-art.html?m=1" target="_blank">here.

RUMOR - Another round of details on Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Orlando

The following comes from WFTV Channel 9 news, who says their info comes from sources familiar with the project.

- a significant part of the kid zone will be closed
- E.T. will stay, but Woody Woodpecker and Barney will be torn down
- the Mario Kart ride will be a moving track where guests wear augmented reality glasses

“It will not be a basic car ride. Whether it's augmented reality or some kind of scoring thing in the real world. There will be a score element, race element to it and that is what's going to make the ride re-rideable.”

- Donkey Kong roller coaster on the way
- a number of interactive areas with plans for floating coins in mid-air that will spin on a kind of magnetic system

Mario Kart Arcade GP VR coming to VR Zone in Tokyo

The following snippet comes from The Japan Times...

For instance, there have been driving games based on Nintendo Co.’s popular “Mario Kart” game series at regular arcades in the past.

But unlike driving while watching the action through a monitor, players using 3-D headsets will feel like they are actually driving Mario’s go-kart in a fantasy world.

Moreover, because the players wear devices that give them a sense of touch, they can actually pick up virtual turtle shells or banana skins that appear on the track and throw them at other players — action that is popular with “Mario Kart” aficionados.

HORI releasing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Joy-Con Wheels, Mario and Luigi Editions

- Mario/Luigi themed racing wheel attachment for the Switch Joy-Con
- Wide diameter wheel
- Rubber grips for control & comfort
- Fast-action shoulder Buttons
- Officially Licensed by Nintendo

Check them out here and here

The WipEout series came to be through drinking, trance music and Super Mario Kart

The following comes from a Playstation dev blog on the WipEout series...

WipEout was the child of a concept pitch and a vivid memory. The two met in a pub just outside Liverpool in the early ’90s, introduced by a pair of Psygnosis developers – designer Nick Burcombe and artist Jim Bowers. The drinking establishment was a regular haunt for studio staff of which Bowers and Burcombe were two. They’d regularly meet and bounce ideas of each other.

Years earlier, Bowers had created a concept movie of two wedged ships dogfighting along a race track, firing missiles at one another before soaring round a huge loop.

He’d showed it to Burcombe, who recalled the footage when regaling Bowers with a story of how he’d overcome a particularly difficult race in Super Mario Kart by turning the TV’s volume off and cranking up a trance track (‘Age of Love’ by Age of Love) on his hi-fi.

“I had a zen moment were everything flowed perfectly,” remembers Burcombe. That sense of exhilaration as the music reached its peak as he crossed the finish line “was the moment I knew I wanted to make a game that did that to you.”
He envisioned doing the same to Bowers’ concept, setting the piece to a Liam Howlett cover of surf track ‘Wipe Out’ that broke out into the Prodigy’s ‘No Good’.

“I think that was the moment we could both see immediately what the game could be,” Nick says. “Even if it was in our slightly sozzled minds’ eye.”

The concept was gold. But there were two other key elements that helped turn the concept into reality.

Australia - Two kids battle it out in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on a stadium screen

The battle took place during a Swans-Bulldogs AFL Game in Australia. Which one came out the winner? We have no idea, as the original poster never said! Some say they're still racing to this day...

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX - Daisy update screens/art

We've already detailed this Mario Kart Arcade GP DX update, which adds in Daisy as a character, a Pac-Man cup and more. Check out more screens and art here.


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