Monster Hunter XX Special Trial Version - promo video

I haven't had the time to dedicate to Monster Hunter lately. I really do enjoy the series, but it requires such a time commitment. It also helps when you have some real-life friends to hook up with and play, but I only have one other friend that's into the series!

Monster Hunter XX - Kinsects trading, Hunting Horn info, fishing update, more screens & art

- players can now trade Kinsects from one weapon to another as long as it’s done at the same time
- this is not possible with collaboration weapons
- when using the Hunting Horn, the melodies you can play are displayed on the bottom screen, where you can activate them
- when a song is activated, its name becomes yellow in the list
- the message that is displayed when activating a song can now be found in the bottom left corner of the top screen
- when hunting a monster, if you manage to cut a part (such as the tail), then it will be displayed on the map
- when fishing, you can now move the lure around using the circle pad, which makes it easier to catch something

Monster Hunter XX - more gameplay snippets, demo and preload info

Monster Hunter XX – Demo

- 2,415 blocks / 301MB of free space
- includes the full version of the opening movie
- try out three quests with all the Hunting Styles and Weapon Types:

the Yian Kut-Ku (found in the Ancient Jungle), Easy
the Barroth (found in the Desert), Normal
the Barioth (found in the Snowy Mountains), Hard

- time limit for all three quests is 25 minutes
- once you’ve cleared a quest, the completion time is displayed on the screen
- get bonuses in the full version of Monster Hunter XX for playing the demo
- create some extra data on the SD Card to get these bonuses

Monster Hunter XX – Pre-loading

- 17,784 blocks of free space on your SD Card
- Monster Hunter XX extra data: 75 blocks (9.3MB)
- Monster Hunter X extra data: 60 blocks (7.5MB)
- Total (game + extra data): ~17.919 bloks (2.239GB)

Monster Hunter XX getting Grandpa Danger collaboration

More screens here

Grandpa Danger collaboration content

- Kikonashi D-ryman Felyne armor

Monster Hunter XX Special Trial Version - more info, screens

More screens here

- 2,417 blocks
- infinite plays
- includes six hunting styles
- full game is available to pre-load