Monster Hunter XX Switch bundle releasing in Hong Kong

While we're still crossing our fingers for Monster Hunter XX Switch to launch stateside, we have some good news for those in Hong Kong. Not only is the game seeing release there, the Monster Hunter XX Switch bundle is as well! It's due out the same day it launches in Japan, Aug. 25th. Thanks to Nick for the heads up!

Monster Hunter XX: Miracle ☆ Mil & Caty album art and info

- due out September 20th in Japan
- includes 13 tracks
- 1,200 Yen + taxes for digital version
- digital distribution, 150 Yen for each track
- retail copy, 1,500 Yen + taxes

Monster Hunter XX Switch - more footage, runs at 30FPS

We've also learned that the game runs at 30FPS. Seems like the 30FPS is locked for portable mode as well, too. Now if only we could get confirmation of a localization!

Monster Hunter Stories - Version 1.2 box

Version 1.2 is a free update coming to Monster Hunter Stories in Japan, but Capcom is also releasing a new physical version with the update included. When the game hits NA/EU, it will most likely include this update's content.

Monster Hunter Stories - EU box lacks amiibo branding

When we shared the Monster Hunter Stories North American box with you, we noted that the amiibo logo was in place. That not only indicated amiibo support, but it gave fans hope that Capcom's line of gorgeous Monster Hunter Stories amiibo would head stateside as well.

Now, as you can see with the EU box above, the amiibo logo isn't included on the box. Are our friends in the EU going to be left out, is this simply a mistake, or was the amiibo logo on the North American box a mistake to begin with?