Monster Hunter Generations getting a maintenance tonight/tomorrow

Services impacted
Nintendo 3DS: Monster Hunter Generations (all online services)

Europe: March 28th (5AM to 7.30AM)
UK: March 28th (4AM to 6.30AM)
North America (EST): March 27th (11PM) to March 28th (1.30AM)
North America (PST): March 27th (8PM to 10.30PM)
Japan: March 28th (12PM to 2.30PM)

Monster Hunter XX - first-week sales analysis

- Monster Hunter XX sold 848,000 copies
- 3DS sales were up 178.54 percent from last week
- sales are 60 percent of the original base game
- sell-through rate is 72.39 percent

Monster Hunter XX - Sailor Moon collab content launches today (more footage, screens, art)

Check out more screens and art here

Monster Hunter XX - Show by Rock collaboration info, screens and art

More screens and art here

- Show by Rock collaboration coming on April 21st
- includes an Event Quest with a Barioth to hunt
- completing it will allow you to get a special weapon, a background for your Guild Card, and some titles