RUMOR - Game Freak looking to hire motion modelers for intricate human characters

It's been awhile since we've heard some speculation on Pokemon coming to the Switch. The info on this job listing seems like it would lend itself nicely to a Switch project, be it the rumored Pokemon Stars or something else. For those wondering, Joe Merrick works for Serebii, a very well-known/respected Pokemon site.

RUMOR - Details on Target's next round of Switch stock

If you're still looking to grab a Switch, we have some info on when you might be able to do so at Target. We're hearing that Target will get its next round of stock between March 19th to 25th. Stores should get somewhere around 10-12 units on average, but of course, some will get more/less than that.

RUMOR - Switch framerate issue could be related to wifi, fix in the works

The following info comes from a third-party Switch developer who wishes to remain anonymous...

I remember the Digital Foundry experts to have been puzzled how some of the worst framerate issues seem to occur so randmoly, not area-specific. I believe these are not the fault of the game, but of the Switch trying to periodically auto-connect to WiFi where there is no network available. This is supposed to happen in the background, but it apparently does affect the game(s).

I actually noticed this in FAST RMX first, where I got periodical FPS drops, while everyone was always saying that it is a perfectly locked 60 FPS experience. It wasn't game breaking, but it made me curious. Driving in circles also made the periodical nature so much more apparent.

Then I also had these in Setsuna, which to me made no sense at all, especially after watching DF's comparison to the PS4 version, where they also said the Switch version was perfectly locked 30 FPS.

Having them on multiple games like that, and in none of them they made sense, got me thinking. At home I turn on WiFi only when I need it basically, so it's not always available. During the Setsuna session I checked the status LED and sure enough it was off. I then delved into the Internet settings of the Switch, found the "Auto Connect" option and turned it off, and Voilà, no more FPS issues in Setsuna and FAST RMX! And only the "usual" minor ones in BotW in very specific (foliage intensive) areas, no more heavy random ones.

While this is just a rumor for now, here's some equally interesting info. If you utilize Flight Mode on your Switch, or turn off your wifi, the issues with framerate go away. While this is just a temporary workaround, word is Nintendo already knows of the issue and is working on a fix. Thanks to Dakhil for the heads up!

RUMOR - Does the Switch dock cause screen scratches?

Looks like you might want to be careful sliding your Switch into it's dock. I mean, you should be careful anytime, but images have surfaced showing some scratches towards the corner of the Switch screen.

For what it's worth, I investigated my Switch to see if there were any scratches. All four sides, not a scratch to be seen. I honestly think this might be caused by people who just plop/plunk the Switch down into the dock carelessly. I always make a point to use two hands and guide it in slowly.

RUMOR - Switch battery provided by ATL

The Wall Street Journal has up a feature on the Switch which reveals a detail we haven't heard anywhere else. According to the article, the battery in the Switch has been provided by ATL. Why is this worth mentioning? ATL is the company that provided battery replacements for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Nintendo has declined to comment on this matter.

RUMOR: Switch games - digital file size round-up

If you want to know how much space various Switch eShop games take up, we've got a list for you. This information supposedly comes from the various Japanese pages for these games, so there might be a slight difference when it comes to EU/NA file sizes. There are certain titles on the list that have had confirmed file sizes for awhile now, like Zelda: BotW. If these sizes are legit, you should get a good, rough estimate of how much space you'll need if you're going the digital route.

- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 13.4 GB
- Puyo Puyo Tetris 1.09 GB
- I Am Setsuna 1.40 GB
- Nobunaga’s Ambition 5 GB
- Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 7 GB
- Snipperclips 1.60 GB
- Dragon Quest Heroes I·II 32 GB

RUMOR - HipHoptheRobot has his Switch taken back by Nintendo, may have been a stolen unit

Looks like the saga of HipHoptheRobot's early Switch isn't over yet. According to some of his posts on NeoGAF, it seems that Nintendo has been in contact and taken the Switch back. HipHop states he's not in any trouble with Nintendo, but he is out of a Switch. There's all sorts of crazy details going on in the thread, including discussion of the unit being stolen, but I don't want to get into the drama of it all. If you want to read up on it, you can grab details here. Thanks to fangzthewolf for the heads up.

RUMOR - Amazon's next Switch allotment may come at the end of March

We all know how trustworthy customer service reps are. Sometimes they have correct info, other times they're really off the mark. Let's hope they're right with this info, and customers won't have to wait too long to swoop in on an order.

RUMOR - Info on Best Buy midnight launch for Switch, day-one stock, demo units

The source behind this rumor is Reddit, but the actual person has been verified as legitimate.

- Best Buy stores have started receiving their demo system displays and are waiting for Nintendo reps to set them up
- there will be tickets printed for non pre-order systems
- no verification on quantity at this time, but Best Buy is expecting to have systems available
- tickets will be given out a minimum of 1-hour prior to the store opening for stores not doing the midnight launch
- all accessories are street dated in the system so none will be available before the 3rd
- 682 Best Buy locations are doing midnight launches
- tickets will be distributed prior to midnight but the timeline is up to the individual store managers

Today's BIG Story 2/13/17 - The biggest Switch info leak yet!

Welcome to Today's BIG Story for Feb. 13th, 2017. This is the biggest load of Switch information we've seen yet. You can bet Nintendo is trying to hunt down whoever leaked this info out!

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