Fire Emblem Heroes - Inherit Skill to be added this March

How many of you are still playing Fire Emblem Heroes? If so, how often are you playing? Do you go into it every day, or is it more a weekly thing?

Fire Emblem Heroes - new Grand Hero Battle, Summoning Focus Festival available

- second Great Hero Battle is live, features Female Robin. Map is available until February 27th
- Summoning Focus Festival live, to go with the second Great Hero Battle
- also available until February 27th and features Fir, Tiki, Hawkeye, and Maria

More pictures here!

Fire Emblem Heroes - new Grand Hero Battle kicking off tomorrow

- starts Feb. 23rd
- main combatant appears to be the female version of Robin from Fire Emblem Awakening
- update will go live at 2 AM (EST)

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia - more screens

Fire Emblem games are coming fast and furious lately. I hope the excitement for the franchise continues to build, but I'm a little worried people are going to get overloaded quickly.

Fire Emblem Heroes - Special Weapon Quests, third Launch Celebration Map available

- some special quests focusing on weapons
- three categories: Sword Mastery, Lance Mastery, and Axe Mastery
- by clearing those special quests, you can get rewards such as Orbs or Shards
- available until February 27th
- third Launch Celebration Map is now available
- clear it on Normal and Hard, and get 3 orbs each time (so 6 orbs per map)
- available until March 14th

Voice of Azura in Fire Emblem talks about the role, her favorite parts of the job

A portion of a ComedyNGaming interview with voice actor, Rena Strober...

CNG: What was it like recording for Fire Emblem Heroes and Republique? Is voice acting for a mobile game any different from lending your talents to a console game or an anime dub?

RS: Every voiceover job is different for me. The roles vary in age, genre and personality. There’s no difference however if I’m recording for a game on a console versus a mobile app. I approach each role with the same amount of enthusiasm and respect. However, doing anime is different because we’re matching the mouth movements from the previously recorded animation. This was really only the case for Sailor Moon when I voiced Esmeraude. Some of the other games have a specific time frame the line needs to be said in, but I’m still able to bring my own voice and creativity to the lines.

CNG: What have been your favorite lines (or songs) to record for Azura in both Fire Emblem: Fates and Fire Emblem Heroes. My personal favorite is the up-tempo version of Lost in Thoughts All Alone from the Conquest path. Were there any lines that you found more emotionally demanding?

RS: I LOVE Lost in Thoughts!! It was so much fun to record and explore the various tempos and versions that the game included. Some were soft and slow and others, like the uptempo versions really allowed me to use my full voice.

I also prefer lines where the character shows vulnerability. This is something you can’t fake in a microphone so it’s more challenging but so much more rewarding when you nail it. When Azura is about to be killed she softly says ‘Kill me if you want, but do it as yourself.” I loved working on that line because Azura had to come to terms with the fact that she might be losing her life.

Thanks to LightChao42 for the heads up!

Fire Emblem Heroes getting 'Friend' event next month

At the Cipher Festival 2017 WEST event, one of the directors on Fire Emblem Heroes let loose with a new detail. He stated that a Friend event is going to be taking place in Fire Emblem Heroes next month. That's all the information he dished out, so we'll have to wait a bit longer to learn just what he's talking about.

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for Feb. 18th, 2017

I haven't had the time to get into Fire Emblem Heroes too much. I've been ridiculously busy. I feel bad about not getting in to play lately! I should make a point to tackle at least one map a day. It's not like it takes long!