Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - info on roster, paid DLC, other changes and more

- 87 playable characters
- paid DLC characters
- Switch version will include Goku Black, who was initially a free pre-order bonus on the other platforms
- will include the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 story with Demon God Demigra
- some elements of the Xenoverse 1 story may differ
- the original Toki Toki City hub city will not be in Xenoverse 2 for the Switch

Check out a PS4/Switch feature comparison chart here

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - info on resolution and framerate

- 1600 x 900 in TV mode
- 1280 x 720 in other modes
- 1 on 1 battles will be 60fps
- other battles will be 30fps

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Japanese box

Not the Dragon Ball game that fans hope will make its way to Switch, but certainly not a bad title! Hopefully some day soon I'll have reason to share another Dragon Ball box for Switch!

Google's 30th anniversary of Pac-Man game can be played on Switch

Want to know how to play this on your Switch? There's a bit of a process to get it done, but it certainly works!

- Start by creating a new user account on your switch. Choose any icon or name - the account will likely be deleted later anyways. Also, make sure your Switch is connected to a WiFi network.
- When you reach the screen where you can link a Nintendo Account, tap "Sign In and Link"
- Tap "Sign in using an external account"
- Tap "Sign in via Google"
- Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap "About Google"
- Tap "Our products"
- Scroll down until you see "Search," tap "Get started," and choose "Use on the web"
- Congratulations! You've officially reached Google. Now, tap "I'm Feeling Lucky"
- You should now see Google's doodles archive. Tap the search bar in the top right and type "Pac-Man," then press + twice to go.
- Tap the "30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN" search result
- Tap the image
- Tap the "Insert Coin" button
- Use the right stick to zoom in, and enjoy! The game can be controlled using either the L stick or directional buttons. -
- Alternatively, you can tap the touch screen in the direction you want to go

Voice Actor of Vegeta supports DragonBall FighterZ on Switch

Fan movements can always use some big-name support, and that's exactly what we have here. Christopher Sabat, the voice actor for Vegeta, has pledged his support to the fan movement for Dragon Ball FighterZ on Switch. Let's hope he adds some clout to the initiative! Thanks to Shellshockprime for the heads up!

Japan - Project X Zone 2 being removed from 3DS eShop

Over in Japan, Project X Zone 2: Brave New World will be removed from the 3DS eShop on June 30th. Until then, the game is available to purchase for ¥7,171. There is also a demo, which will be removed on the same day. No reason for the removal was given.

Pokken Tournament Wii U Pro Pad functionality added to Switch with firmware version 3.0.0

Looking for another controller to use on your Switch? Today's 3.0.0 firmware update has added in support for the Pokken Tournament Pro Pad from the Wii U. Remember, it doesn't have an analog stick, so any games requiring one will be impossible to play. Also, there's no screenshot functionality, nor is there a home button. That said, this sucker is a perfect controller for games like Puyo Puyo Tetris, Ultra Street Fighter II and Shovel Knight!

Dragon Ball FighterZ Switch port could happen if fans request it

Want to see Dragon Ball FighterZ on the Switch? It's not scheduled right now, but things could change if the community shows support. Producer Tomoko Hiroki says the port could happen, as there's no issue with horsepower or anything like that. If fans show enough support for the idea, it could certainly happen. Hiroki does say that if the port moves ahead, it might not launch at the same time as the other versions, but that's certainly understandable.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 dated for Japan

- coming from Bandai Namco
- due out Sept. 7th in Japan
- priced at ¥7,344 ($66)


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