Japan - Taiko no Tatsujin: Don to Katsu no Jikuu Daibouken being removed from 3DS eShop

- being removed May 30th
- demo being removed as well
- no reason given

Rubik's X Pac-Man merch collaboration revealed

Richmond, LONDON, 23rd May, 2017 - As the trend for retro gaming hits fever pitch globally, Rubik's & PAC-MAN - two of the most iconic brands from 1980’s pop culture - have teamed up to create the ultimate product mash-up. Fans of retro and geek culture will be in for a massive treat, with the launch of an exciting cross-category collaboration that will pay homage to two of the most iconic games ever created.

This pair of much loved heritage brands will join forces for a historic Limited-Edition collaboration, which was announced today at the world’s leading licensing trade event, Licensing Expo.

With a range of exciting designs that will encourage fans to #playagain, the PAC-MAN x Rubik's style guide will target a unisex demographic of teens and adults. This collaboration promises to be whimsical, fun and full of nostalgia for the 1980’s and will feature retro-inspired designs updated for the digital generation with hashtag slogans. The licensing program will appeal to fans of Rubik's and PAC-MAN from back in the day and also the legions of 14-24 year olds that have gone retro crazy in the last 18 months. With a Limited-Edition PAC-MAN branded Rubik's Cube also in the works for retail release, the 80s revolution really is in full swing for 2017.

The collaboration will lean towards both brands’ unique 1980’s heritage, when both games shot to worldwide acclaim and global success, becoming symbols of a decade. Whilst Rubik's went on to become the bestselling toy in history, PAC-MAN became the highest grossing video game of all time.

This ground breaking deal has been brokered by master licensee, The Smiley Company, on behalf of Rubik's Brand Limited and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, owner of PAC-MAN who are both currently seeking licensees in categories including apparel, accessories, gifts, homewares, electronics & digital accessories and novelties

Speaking about the exciting partnership Smiley Company Vice President of Brand Strategy Lori Heiss said: "PAC-MAN and Rubik's are two of the biggest pop culture icons of the 80's. The Smiley studio has created a very cool style guide based on the current trend for retro games merchandising. I am sure the products from this unique collaboration will be hits and are going to become collectors with all generations of geeks.”

Whilst Mike Townend Managing Director of Rubik’s Brand Limited said: "Rubik’s is very excited to be working with Pac-Man and the Limited-Edition nature of the collection should ensure instant collectability with fans."

Delphine Janczak EMEA Brand Manager of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment says: "PAC MAN and Rubik’s share similar heritage and they are both true icons of the crazy 80’s generation. They defy times, gender and age but most importantly they both manage to renew themselves while continuing to provide moments of fun to everyone. The combination of these two brands is the perfect explosive mix that will amuse and reunite old and new generations who share a common passion. We are really excited about this project and we cannot wait to watch PAC MAN Rubik’s breaking records!”

PAC-MAN becomes art through a special collaboration with renowned sculptor & artist Richard Orlinski

For PAC-MAN 37th anniversary, Neamedia unveils a beautiful series of sculpture designed by Richard Orlinski with support and license from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe. The project can be found here on Kickstarter

When Toru Iwatani, creator of PAC-MAN one day had pizza for lunch. He took one piece from the whole pizza, and there it was. A circle with an open mouth.

The best ideas often come from the simplest life experiences. Mr. Iwatani, today a professor at Tokyo Polytechnic University in Tokyo, Japan didn’t know he would leave such a mark in the video game industry when he was eating his pizza. Yet, 37 years later, PAC-MAN is still one of the most archetypal characters in gaming. As well as changing the face of arcade games back in 1980, Namco also managed to create an icon in popular culture.

The collection will be available in 3 versions. A yellow 25cm / 10-inch version, a golden chromed version of the same size and an exclusive 1 meter / 40-inch version limited to 37 units. Added to that, different stretch goals will unlock special rewards such as a PAC-MAN metal figure, artwork of the original PAC-MAN sketches and a limited-edition art book.

Mr. Orlinski brought his contemporary approach to create an awe-inspiring collector edition series of sculptures.

Richard Orlinski, sculptor & artist says: “When I was contacted about the Pac-Man project, I found the idea absolutely amazing. It completely fits in my universe, because I try to develop Pop-Art, which speaks to the largest number of people.” “It was challenging to keep Pac-Man’s identity while bringing something new and modern”.

The Kickstarter campaign (http://kck.st/2pXhbnz) starts today 22nd May, 2017 and runs through to 20th June, 2017. PAC-MAN sculptures will be available for early bird backers for the price of €100 for the 25cm / 10-inch version and €300 for the deluxe version, 25cm / 10-inch Gold Chromed version. The anniversary edition will be limited to 37 pieces worldwide. Backers will receive their first sculptures by the end of 2017

Namco Museum is digital only, according to Bandai Namco Europe

Remember when we shared the official box art for Namco Museum on Switch? This lead many to believe the game would be getting a physical release, and rightfully so! The thing is, we originally heard this would be a digital only title. While there have been some weeks of confusion, Bandai Namco Europe has finally spoken on the matter, and they said the title is indeed digital only.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 heading stateside this Fall

We don't have any details on a European release at this time, but if/when that news comes in, we'll be sure to share it with you.

One Piece: Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition - North American trailer

Just incase you were worried about the title coming to North America, the upload of this trailer to Bandai Namco Entertainment America should clear things up! Looks like the same September release date stands here.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 hits Japan this Fall - new scan and info

New Systems

Ad-Hoc Co-Op Play – A first for the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series, using ad-hoc correspondence, you can play with up to six nearby players.
Ultimate Techniques with the Motion Sensor – For example, by using the Joy-Cons with both hands, you can trigger a “Kamehameha.”
Two-Player Joy-Con Battles – Battle against a friend on the same Switch using the two Joy-Con controllers.

Limited Time Bonus – Experience the “Time Patrol” main story from the first Dragon Ball Xenoverse.
For Early Buyers – A code to unlock the characters from the main story early. By using this code, you will have access to more than 70 characters from the start.

Official PR - Pokkén Tournament Championship Series Coming Summer 2017

The Pokémon Company International has announced the European qualifier for the Pokkén Tournament Championship series, which will take place at Dreamhack Summer 2017 on 17 – 18 June in Jönköping, Sweden.

The top 8 players will all win a cash prize, and the top 4 players will also win an invite and travel sponsorship to the 2017 World Championships.

A prize pool worth over $25,000 is in store for the winning competitors in the Pokkén Tournament Championship Series at the Pokémon World Championships in August, held in Anaheim, California.

More details, including terms of entry, can be found over on the official Pokkén Tournament website: http://www.pokkentournament.com/en-gb/championship-series/

One Piece Unlimited World Red - Deluxe Edition hitting Switch this September, digital & physical

After 1 million copies sold worldwide with the original title, this Summer (25th August, 2017) the Straw Hat Pirates will dock on PS4™ and PC with a brand new revamped version of the game, AND for the first time ever on Nintendo Switch in September. The game comes with several new features from a technical and content side.

Explore the Grand Blue as you’ve never seen it before. One Piece Unlimited World Red - Deluxe Edition will support up to 4K on PC & PS4™ Pro, Full HD on PS4™ and Nintendo Switch. Players can rely up to 60 fps on all three platforms to allow for a powerful and enjoyable game experience. Also, all games modes for PS4™ Pro, PS4™ and Nintendo Switch will be available in 2-player Co-op!

Re-discover the original adventure of Luffy and his pirate crew that encounter and befriends a cheerful yet mysterious raccoon named Pato- who possesses a shadowy power to create anything drawn onto a leaf. To help their newfound friend, Pato leads the crew to the Forgotten Island where they get kidnapped by a wicked pirate named The Red Count and Luffy must fight to recover his crew from the enemy’s grasp and find out exactly what The Red Count’s evil plots are… The adventure will come loaded with incredible content thanks to the inclusion of more than 40 DLC’s.

ONE PIECE UNLIMITED WORLD RED - DELUXE EDITION will be available digitally for the PlayStation™ 4, PlayStation™ 4 Pro systems and PC on 25th August 2017. Nintendo Switch - both physically and digitally – September 2017.