Super Mario Maker 2 - special package include Switch Online sub in Japan, touch pen pre-order bonus

Nintendo is set to release a special Super Mario Maker 2 package in Japan. The set comes with the game, and 12 month subscription code to Nintendo Switch Online. In addition, they also announced a touch pen pre-order bonus for this and the regular version of the game.


The Story

There was once an urban legend: Write your troubles down on a note, then hold it in your hand at midnight and pray. “God, please help me...” God will hear your plea and change your fate.

One day, a young girl wakes up, groggy, in a room she’s never seen before. A talking dog appears before her and she becomes startled by his revelation: They are gods and it is their duty to change the fate of any humans that ask for their help. Letters appear in the mail, so with pen in hand she begins her job.

WILL: A Wonderful World features a fantastical tale and cast. A quiet nerd stuck in a hopeless, one-sided crush. An impoverished artist who’s lost all hope and contemplates suicide. A rookie police officer who burns with justice and hopes for his first big case. A young woman desperately chasing her dream against all odds. Even a stray cat who would be satisfied with some dried fish to eat!

Dive deep into the story and learn about those that seek out your help, but remember: Changing someone’s fate will affect others. Experience each story, edit letters, and solve puzzles; perhaps the young girl’s memory will return, but what will she learn about herself and her mission? You must guide their fates, uncover the links between the storylines, and find the best path for all of those in need. WILL: A Wonderful World blends its imaginative story with fantastic presentation, featuring colorful artwork and a delightful soundtrack.

Key Features

Read stories and use deduction to determine how to alter the fate of the game’s cast.
Make decisions that open up the story and may even impact the plotlines of others.
Learn more about the two gods, the mysterious girl and her companion, as you progress through the game.
Enjoy punchy music and beautifully drawn stills and animations.

NoA PR - Let’s-a Go! Super Mario Maker 2 Launches for Nintendo Switch on June 28

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--When you put together your upcoming summer plans, make sure to add “Create the Super Mario course of my dreams!” to the list. That’s because Super Mario Maker 2 launches exclusively for the Nintendo Switch system on June 28, just in time to take the game with you on all your summer travels.

This full-fledged sequel to the original groundbreaking Super Mario Maker game for the Wii U system lets your imagination run wild as you make and play your own Super Mario courses using new tools, items and features.

With an incredibly intuitive toolset ready to be explored and experimented with, including the new ability to create slopes for the first time, nearly anything is possible in Super Mario Maker 2.

For more information about Super Mario Maker 2, visit https://supermariomaker.nintendo.com.

Super Life of Pixel coming to Switch


Join Pixel as he quests through gaming history, teleporting across the most iconic video game systems of generations past. He’ll have to jump, dodge and play smart if he wants to survive all the traps, puzzles and enemies waiting to take him down at every turn. Move, think, jump or die is the motto Pixel must live by if he wants to unlock the next console on his historic journey.

Enter into a living, playable museum of video game history: A museum that spans across three decades, featuring 19 historically inspired consoles and over 100 levels to conquer. A museum of sharp things, meanies and free falls - in which you will die. A lot. And the fun’s just getting started.

Whether you’re nostalgic for these classic consoles or it’s your first time experiencing them, now it’s your turn to make gaming history!

Inspired by the 8 & 16-bit Eras

Take a journey with the wizened Professor Pixel and revisit the golden age of gaming. Featuring a massive variety of beautiful pixel art from classic 8 & 16-bit game systems, such as Amiga, SNES, Mega Drive, Commodore 64, Apple II, Game Boy, NES, Atari 2600, ZX Spectrum & Master System!

Revisit Classic Games

Look out for nudges to console classics like Mega Man, Castlevania, Zelda, Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Metroid, Wonder Boy, Pitfall, Sonic & more. Revisit computer legends such as Turrican, Uridium, Jet Set Willy, James Pond, Rick Dangerous, Prince of Persia, Impossible Mission, Exile & lots more.

Loads of Secrets!

Dozens of special secrets to uncover and experience. From silly little touches through to great big mega-epic secrets! Look out for jetpacks, bubbles to fly, trampolines, hidden rooms and maps, aeroplanes, skateboards and even a Sinclair C5!

Awesome Power-ups

Special power-ups and equipment with levels featuring puzzles and secrets only accessible using Pixel's new found abilities. Fire pixel from a cannon, reach high areas by bouncing on a trampoline, use the Super Potion to defeat enemies, smash the baddies with the mine cart, deploy the Bomb to destroy walls and uncover hidden secrets!

Chip Music Goodness

We've worked with amazing chip musicians such as Eric Shumaker, Gavin Harrison, Rob Lynch, Ashton Morris and others to create a fantastic chip music soundtrack for the game - and not forgetting the sound effects too! All audio created with either the original hardware or VST based emulation.

While we don't have a release date, Super Life of Pixel is said to be launching soon on Switch. We'll bring you the release date and pricing info when it becomes available.

Neo Cab devs detail what they're trying to say with the game

A tale of the times

Neo Cab is one of the more unique-looking titles heading to the Switch. This story-based game has you taking on the role of a cab driver, learning about the people around you and the city at large as you go. There's a very specific message trying to be conveyed in this game, and creative director Patrick Ewing explained what the team is going for.

"A lot of us used to think -- even though it was naive -- of America as being the land of opportunity and a land where everyone is meant to be equal, but when I got to San Francisco, it was like we're not even pretending any more. We can't take care of people on the ground floor. We wanted to represent that and Lina is kind of in the middle; like 80% of Americans, she's living paycheck to paycheck, but there's a promise and hope.

I feel like I lived the whole tech optimism and naivety angle for many years, where we all just had a blind faith that tech was disruptive, but it always made the world better. A lot of us used to think -- even though it was naive -- of America as being the land of opportunity and a land where everyone is meant to be equal

Now I feel like it's much more nuanced than that. Sometimes tech really does improve the world, and you can even say that overall -- if you squint and step back a bit -- it's always improving things. But at the moment there is so much disruption that I've seen during the years that isn't great."

Check out the full interview here

Flower Bouquet Pikachu and Birthday Pikachu plush dolls now available on PokemonCenter.com

A pair of Pikachu plushes

Share heartfelt thanks, congratulations, or well wishes with a little help from Pikachu—presenting a flower bouquet and a gift tag with a slot where you can add your own special message. This adorable plush is a fun way to add thoughtful Pokémon cheer to any occasion!
Gift tag features a slot for adding a custom message, card, or other flat item
Cute little Combee pops out of a beautiful bouquet
An easy way to show someone you're thinking of them
Pokémon Center Original

Grab yours here

With a colorful hat and shimmery present, Pikachu's all geared up and ready to celebrate someone's birthday! Whether you gift this fun plush to a friend or display it as a centerpiece to celebrate your own special day, it's an easy way to spread the joy of Pokémon.

Cheerful plush makes a great gift
Pikachu looks ready to open a present of its own!
Pokémon Center Original

Grab yours here

Sakurai points out that his tweets aren't always Smash Bros.-related teases

Stop reading into everything!

Has Masahiro Sakurai teased Smash Bros. news on his Twitter account before? He sure has, and this has lead people to believe that every tweet he sends out is some sort of tease about Smash Bros.. Masahiro Sakurai himself has sent out another tweet today to let people know that not everything he tweets is related to Smash Bros.. Sakurai plays through a lot of different games, and simply likes to share his time spent with those titles. Sometimes a tweet is just a tweet!

Detective Pikachu impressions from early screenings are extremely positive

This movie is going to be a hit

We've already heard a bit of praise for Detective Pikachu from the director of Kong: Skull Island, but now more comments are coming out from those who got to take in early screenings. It really seems like this film is going to be a winner! Check out a compilation of comments from viewers below.

- a pure joy from start to finish
- heartfelt and relentlessly charming
- filled with excellent world-building
- plenty of fan-service for Pokemon fans
- CGI is on-point
- Reynoldsd brings plenty of laughs
- fans old and new will rejoice
- an authentic take on the franchise
- mind-blowing at moments
- painfully cute and jam-packed with action
- silly and chock-full of Pokemon
- perfectly suited for fans and non-fans

Check out more pics of the "A Day with Pikachu: Blooming Curiosity" Figure by Funko

What a lovely day it would be

Check out more pics here

Flowers and Flabébé make for a day of fragrant fun! Catch a little spring fever with the Blooming Curiosity Pikachu Figure by Funko and Pokémon Center while you can—they won't last long!

- Little Flabébé looks right at home among the flowers
- Each month, join Pikachu as it explores a year's worth of adventures!
- Part of the A Day with Pikachu collection by Pokémon Center and Funko