My Nintendo North America - Update for Nov. 19th, 2017

[3DS] 30% Discount on Pokémon Art Academy (Nintendo eShop): 450 (available until February 18th)
[3DS] Pokémon: Pikachu & Poké Ball (Nintendo 3DS Theme): 100 (available until March 1st)
[PC/Mobile] Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon (Wallpaper): 50 (available until March 31st)

Sakurai not a big fan of Mario Kart's blue shell, but understands why it's necessary

The blue shell...everyone's worst enemy int he world of Mario Kart. Some people love it, others claim it ruins the game. None other than Masahiro Sakurai has taken to his Famitsu column to discuss the hotly-debated item. You can read a snipped of the translated feature below, courtesy of SourceGaming.

In the Mario Kart series, there is an item called the Blue Shell. Everyone likes this item, right? Or maybe they don’t. As someone who plays games, I’m honestly not a big fan of the Blue Shell. However, for the type of game Mario Kart is, it’s an essential item, so I accept it. If that’s the way it has to be, then I guess it’s fine.

Sakurai goes on to explain the blue shell in great detail, talk about why it's so necessary to have in a game like Mario Kart. Read up on the full feature here.

GameChops releases Mother 4 (fan-game) OST

The complete soundtrack to the fan game previously known as Mother 4, a sequel to Earthbound, as composed by Shane Mesa. This OST plays like a tribute album to the SNES era video game music. Included are 8 licensed covers of Mother and Earthbound music, and 56 original soundtrack songs.

Check out all the ways to listen here

Splatoon 2 Splatfest - Fantasy beats Sci-Fi

Sci-Fi: 43%
Fantasy: 57%

Sci-Fi: 49%
Fantasy: 51%

Sci-Fi: 51%
Fantasy: 49%

Just like I said, if you fight on the side that I back, you are destined to lose. I have a perfect track record for picking the losing team in Splatoon 2 Splatfests. Glad I didn't disappoint this time. Gotta keep the streak going!

SEGA releasing Sonic Forces/Puyo Puyo Tetris two-pack in Europe

Well, that popped up pretty damn quick after Sonic Forces' release. While the pack isn't available until Jan. 5th, the price is of 49,99 Euros might be worth holding out for. Check out the listing here (thanks Gerjet!)

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 640

A three-man show this week, and even though we had to record a day early, we had plenty to talk about! There's a special unboxing of a package from Bethesda, a big discussion about EA and the heat they've caught, tons of great Nintendo news and NPD figures, plus the usual stupidity!

Download Episode 640!

Wandersong dev talks about the decision to bring the game to Switch

A portion of a NintendoChitChat interview with Dumb and Fat Games...

NCC: So far, the game has been announced for the PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. What made you pick the Switch for its console release?

D&FG: I’m a huge, completely shameless fan of Nintendo and I have been from the moment my mom gave me my first Game Boy. Philosophically, I feel we align with the Switch and its vibe… even though Wandersong is single-player it’s very openly a game about connections, friendship and joy. And if you compare Wandersong to other games, it’s one that cares a lot more about creativity and personality and variety and less about “status” things like graphics and fidelity. There’s a lot I could say about this, but I think the kind of game player who chooses a Switch is more likely to enjoy Wandersong too. It might be my favorite game console ever.