Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - Mario/Luigi/Peach/Yoshi amiibo supported for weapon unlocks

We finally have some details on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle when it comes to amiibo. Looks like the game will support Mario/Luigi/Peach/Yoshi amiibo, and each one will unlock a weapon for both the Nintendo character and its respective Rabbid counterpart. Thanks to Barry for the heads up!

Super Clash Bros. is a fan-made Smash Bros. game that keeps things 2D

Looks like a fun idea, and I like how you can swap between the different sprites of characters. Unfortunately, it's probably just a matter of time before Nintendo kills this one off.

Celeste to be part of the PAX 10 indie showcase

Celeste is one of my most-anticipated Switch titles. Since I saw the first trailer and heard the music, I was hooked. We know the game is a ways off, but at least we'll get to see some more of the game at PAX. The title has been named as part of the PAX 10 indie showcase. You can check out the full list of titles here.

Netflix's Castlevania producer talks about the challenges of adapting the series

Coming from a ComicBook interview with producer Adi Shankar...

CB: What would you say was the biggest challenge in getting this series made? The animation style, or something else?

AS: The fact that the show is “animation for adults” was a challenge. Animation in the West has not been seen as an art form and is still largely seen as children’s entertainment. The explanation is simple; so much of the media landscape here for decades had been built around a “movie star system.” That star system routinely fed actor’s faces to the consumer magazine system which in turn enabled advertisers to sell fear and toothpaste to consumers who had been made susceptible to suggestion because the movie star system had deluded them into believing that these “stars” were somehow simultaneously “larger than life” and credible 3rd party endorsements. An animated Trevor Belmont isn’t an ideal spokes person for Colgate toothpaste and Sypha isn’t going to become the temporary face of Revlon. The internet at first pulled the curtain back on and then decimated the star system, and for the first time in modern human history the audience is free to consume without qualitative indicators controlled by a corporate agenda. This chain of events created a scenario where making an animated show for adults was possible.

We also faced challenges within the world of animation as this show was the first in a very long time to use true 2D hand drawn animation, an art form that was on the brink of extinction. In my opinion, 2D hand drawn animation needs to make a resurgence globally and hopefully the success of Castlevania will spawn many more productions world wide. Old school hand drawn OVAs like Vampire Hunter D and Ninja Scroll have stood the test of time because hand drawn anime has infinite replay value. That said, creating something new (based on something old) and building it from the ground up is always challenging. When we started this there wasn’t a roadmap to follow to make this series.

Finally, on a personal note, making something authentic for the fans is always a challenge, lucky we had Netflix who is an amazing partner and who allowed us to make our vision a reality. As an example of how wrong this could have gone, I was approached in 2012 about making a live action Castlevania, by another group (to be clear, none of whom are involved in this Netflix version). I passed on that opportunity because I didn’t feel like that group wanted to make an authentic Castlevania movie and instead were making a movie titled Castlevania to leverage off the “pre-existing brand awareness” associated with the title. I was told, for example, that Trevor Belmont had to be American and that Channning Tatum was my front runner. I walked away from what would have been a lucrative deal for me financially because I was a fan, because of my personal relationship with Castlevania, and because I didn’t want to partake in the massacre my childhood. The fact that fans of Castlevania love the show was our greatest victory and the fact that the show has expanded beyond that core audience and into general pop culture has been surreal.

First Switch game card dumps surface

Well, here's a bit of scary news for Nintendo, but it's not the worst-case scenario yet. Hackers have managed to extract game dumps from Switch cards. The thing is, they have no way to run them right now. You can bet that's being worked on, but as of right now, Nintendo has a chance to catch this before it becomes a big issue.


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