Psyonix on bringing Rocket League to Switch, challenges involved, working with Nintendo

The following comes from an IGN interview with Psyonix vice president Jeremy Dunham...

- For a while, Psyonix was unsure if Rocket League would be on Switch
- this was due to the system’s architecture being different from the likes of PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC
- Nintendo has also shown continued excitement in having the game on its console
- Dunham says Nintendo has been “fantastic to work with”
- Nintendo came to Psyonix before the Switch was unveiled
- since Rocket League is reliant on performance, Psyonix weren’t sure if a port would hit their personal level of satisfaction
- when Psyonix asked Nintendo about cross-network play, Nintendo said, “whatever you need”
- Psyonix controls everything, including the match-making system, and all information is hidden from other platforms
- you only know that your opponent is playing on another platform – not specifically Xbox, PC, etc.
- every version of the game is the same
- the Switch version will offer all DLC available on other platforms
- DLC is simply cosmetic, which will be the case with any Nintendo content created such as the Mario hat
- all updates are rolled out simultaneously across platforms
- every platform holder has its own requirements for the submission period
- this means patches have to be submitted for the various platforms at different points
- Psyonix isn’t at the certification point with Nintendo just yet
- Psyonix has gone through some pre-certification steps
- this involves setting things up to let Nintendo know what will be in the game to prepare for the certification build
- the plan is a holiday release, and Psyonix won't give an official date until they're confident in one
- Psyonix recommends playing Rocket League with the Switch Pro Controller
- the team had some challenges with the Joy-Con, but they believe they’ve figured it out and feedback at E3 was positive
- Psyonix had long discussions after its meeting with Nintendo about the pros and cons of bringing the game to Switch
- they had to think about the controls, things like latency, and other factors
- the more they learned more about the system and tinkered around with the hardware, they better they felt
- Psyonix didn’t commit to releasing Rocket League on Switch until April or so
- the team has to do “a lot of custom work” for online play on Switch, which is required when a new platform is thrown in the mix
- it’s a “challenge”, but Dunham is “confident” that they’ll tackle all concerns players might have
- it hasn’t been as easy as going from PlayStation/PC to Xbox since those platforms share some similar principles
- Psyonix isn’t sure where they’ll be at launch when it comes to voice chat

“It really depends on how far along we are using Nintendo’s SDK, so that’s one of our questions that’s still up in the air right now. How much are we going to support voice chat? Are we going to be able to support voice chat at launch? These are open questions. But whatever the answer is, we’ll tell everyone as soon as we know.”

New Fire Emblem Warriors characters set to be revealed this week

Fire Emblem Warriors isn't too far off from release, and it seems Nintendo plans on turning up the focus on this title. The above tweet confirms that some more character reveals are coming this week. We'll be keeping tabs on the Twitter account to see who joins the roster.

Multiple Nintendo games nominated for BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards

Voting for the awards ended today, and as you can see, three out of the five games nominated are Nintendo-related. To find out who won, we'll have to wait for the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards to take place on Oct. 22nd. You can keep tabs on the winners over at this page.

Miitomo - content update for Aug. 20th, 2017

‘The sneakiness intensifies! Ninja Stars #2′ Miitomo Drop stages return

- Demon Ninja Hood
- Demon Ninja Armour
- Ninja Swords: ‘Twin Dragons’
- Ninja Bomber Jacket
- Deadly Blossom Hairband
- Deadly Blossom Ninja Outfit
- Kunai Necklace
- Large Shuriken
- Ninja Dog Set (Hood)
- Ninja Dog Set (Outfit)
- Scrollwork Bandana
- Scrollwork Jacket

Splatoon Koshien 2018 announced

- third annual Splatoon tournament
- taking place on Sept. 24th,
- being held in the Tokai district and sequentially in eight total districts
- will air live on niconico

Beta64 looks at the creation of Sonic Mania

Thanks to MarioCheated for the heads up!

Comiket - Nintendo-related cosplay gallery

For those unfamiliar, Comiket is the world's largest dōjinshi fair, held twice a year in Tokyo, Japan. It is a grassroots, DIY effort for selling dōjinshi, self-published Japanese works. You can check out more pics of the Nintendo cosplayers here.

RUMOR - Inside source claims Mother 3 unlikely to be localized, Rhythm Heaven franchise done with

Our friend Jonathan Holmes is certainly in the know when it comes to some Nintendo topics. He has all sorts of connections, and I definitely trust his reports. That's why I'm so sad to read a recent feature he put together on Mother 3 and the Rhythm Heaven franchise. According to his inside source, things aren't looking good for either.

"You never know what's going to happen, but the way it looks right now, under Nintendo's current administration, Mother 3 will never leave Japan and there will never be another Rhythm Heaven game. Iwata was a driving force behind the Rhythm Heaven series, and a consistent advocate for NoA to at least look at the possibility of Mother 3 finding a new audience in the United States and Europe. With him gone, there is no one at Nintendo pushing for either anymore."

Mother 3 not getting localized is a running gag now for a very long time, but it's disheartening to know we're not any closer to seeing the game released. As far as the Rhythm Heaven franchise goes, that's a real killer for me. I love rhythm games, and the series has been one of my favorites in Nintendo's library. That said, I recognize they're not big unit movers outside of Japan. I sincerely hope this report ends up being wrong, but I fear it's right on the money.

RUMOR - Monster Hunter Stories' amiibo may not be seeing release outside of Japan

Monster Hunter Stories is coming to North America and Europe, but it seems that the amiibo released alongside the game in Japan might not come our way. The official site for Monster Hunter Stories in the states shows that all amiibo are supported, and they all give you in-game rewards. This is different from the game in Japan, where the game-specific amiibo were the only ones to unlock content. While we're lucky enough to be getting the game, it seems the special amiibo will remain in Japan. Thanks to Nataliek for the heads up.