Chicken Wiggle dev blog - Making a Game Maker

Wanting the game to be something really special, we let our imaginations go wild. Designing the gameplay for Chicken Wiggle was very different than designing Mutant Mudds or Xeodrifter. With Chicken Wiggle, we first had to create the level editor that the user would ultimately use in the final game before we could design any levels for the game. This was difficult, frustrating, and a little maddening. But, it had to be this way. I wanted to make sure the level editor was awesome, and what better way than forcing myself to use it to make the levels for the game itself?

Full blog here

Another look at Toast’s wood cover for Switch

No sir, not for me. I would be far too afraid to do something like this. I don't want to mess it up, and I know with 110% accuracy that I would. Thankfully there are braver people out there to give things like this a try. Check out the gallery here.

GameSeek running their £198.50 Switch deal one last time

You may remember earlier this year GameSeek proudly sold Nintendo Switch consoles for an amazingly low price of £198.50 and honored pre-orders at that price, a story so big it grabbed a nation of doubters that thought it was too good to be true. And then we delivered. Well, we changed the world then and we aim to please again by bringing back this incredible price for Nintendo’s latest console, and we’re pleased to announce that this deal is going live now.

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Our £198.50 Nintendo Switch offer shaves £80 off the RRP, saving you money, and our stellar service will ensure that you receive the best experience possible.

Combine this with our Cyclonic Deals, and you’ll be laughing, while saving money on a massive scale. £198.50 Switch + £25.00 Super Mario Odyssey = unbeatable deal!

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Smash Bros. Wii U, Splatoon 2 top Disney XD's eSports programming

I actually caught some of this programming over the weekend, but a lot of it was repeat content for me. Still, it's great to see Nintendo's games doing so well in Disney XD's eSports push. Now I wonder if Disney is happy with the numbers the programming is putting up.

Chicken Wiggle soundtrack now available

There's a handful of songs in here I really dig. They give me that warm-and-fuzzy feeling I was talking about in my review. I think I'm going to have a listen to the soundtrack right now!

Bigben Games planning retail releases for Aqua Moto Racing Utopia & Snow Moto Racing Freedom

Looks like you'll have a couple more retail options heading to the Switch this year. Bigben Games has confirmed that they're planning to bring both Aqua Moto Racing Utopia & Snow Moto Racing Freedom to retail. We knew the games were hitting Switch, but it's nice to know they won't be eShop only! Thanks to AwesomeplatterFan for the heads up!

The Snack World - more details on the season pass DLC (plus more screens)

Check out more screens here

Pack 1 – Dragon Knight’s Trial!!

Contents: new post-game story content, new dungeon, new boss, new Jara, and new Snacks;
Release date: October 2017;
Price: 900 Yen.

Pack 2 – The Demon of Destruction! The Advent of Demiglass!!

Contents: new post-game story content, new dungeon, new boss, new Jara, and new Snacks;
Release date: January 2018;
Price: 900 Yen.

- two packs will be available for purchase separately
- buying the Season Pass now does not give early access to the DLC
- season pass does give access to the Picopico of the Year weapon, and 10 melon bread cookies.
- Season Pass costs 1.500 Yen