Kid Tripp RUN! - trailer

Kid Tripp RUN! is hitting 3DS in Japan on Aug. 30th. The title will cost 500 Yen.

Shantae Half-Genie Hero: Pirate Queen's Quest codes being sent to backers

If you were a backer for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, you should be getting an email about the Pirate Queen's Quest DLC very soon. Some of you might have gotten it already! You'll be able to redeem your code for the DLC right now. Keep an eye on your email, and then get down to having some fun! Thanks to Neo Dark for the heads up!

SNES Edition New 3DS XL heading to Australia as well

Australia gets in on the fun, just as Europe did earlier today. No word on this SNES Edition coming stateside yet. Perhaps we need to cross our fingers and toes a bit tighter.

Figment dev on the path that brought the game to Switch

Coming from an NWR interview with Creative Director, Jonas Byrresen...

NWR: Looking over your past games you've come up through the mobile-leaning path, paired with the PC space with Steam and Humble, gotten into consoles through Sony, and now seem to be working to stay in the PC/console space. This seems to be very common for indie developers, and conceptually it makes sense. What are your thoughts on the journey you've had along the way and to now also be targeting the Nintendo Switch?

JB: That does seem to be a normal road for many indie developers to have taken over the years. We actually launched our first game on both Steam and mobile very closely, but focused mostly on mobile. This was due to the nature and design of the game, that we felt would work very well on the platform, and with mobile gamers. I think this is why many indies have started on that platform. The mechanics and designs that fit on it, are often an easy and good place to start for a small indie team.

Though I would say that things are changing. Mobile is far from an easy market to make a success on for many reasons, so more and more indies just jump straight to PC, where audience is willing to pay and many look for new creative games.

For us it was a natural journey, mostly determined by the nature of the games we worked on, moving on the the platforms that we felt worked best. As the team expanded and we gained more experience, we wanted to do more advanced games. With deeper settings and narratives, while keeping our creativeness from the first game. This, for us, means focusing on PC and consoles, such as the Switch, and then potentially looking at mobile later on. I think it is best to always think of the game first, before the platform, deciding platform, and chose the one that fits the game best.

NBA trade means NBA 2K18 will have to change its cover

NBA 2K18's standard cover features Cavs superstar Kyrie Irving. As of today, there's a slight problem with that. Irving has been traded to the Celtics. That means the cover simply doesn't make sense anymore. Talk about a last-minute change that puts 2K in a rough spot. No word from 2K yet on what they'll do about the cover, but they certainly don't have a lot of time to rectify things.

Pokken Tournament DX demo hitting North America tomorrow