Troll & I - file size, more screens

Troll & I takes up 6.3 gigs of space. We haven't heard good things about this game by any means. Reviews for other platforms have been quite poor. I know there are tweaks coming, but I can't imagine they'll be able to really change the core experience.

WWE 2K18 - Collector's Edition info coming Thursday

Oh man, I might have to get this, depending on what's in it. WWE back on Nintendo platforms makes me want to really celebrate the occasion! Thanks to Barry for the heads up!

Switch releasing in Argentina on Aug. 15th

- sales are through the existing regional distributor
- will come with region-appropriate power supply
- 13,500 pesos
- preorders open July 28th
- preorders also get 50% off one of BotW, MK8DX, 1-2 Switch, Ultra Street Fighter 2 or Splatoon 2
- due out Aug. 15th

Have you seen Splatoon 2's fist pump?

You have to stand still while your curling bomb is out and about to make this happen. It would be great if we could press a button to make this happen, but at least it's in there!

Verizon says don't blame them for Pokemon GO Fest's technical hiccups

Pokemon GO Fest...more like Pokemon GO Mess, am I right?! Dear lord, I feel terrible writing that.

We all know that Pokemon GO Fest didn't go as planned, as people couldn't even get into their games to play. Niantic is quite embarrassed by the situation, and has said so multiple times. Now even other companies are coming out to talk about the issue.

Verizon wants everyone to know that the problems weren't their fault at all. Niantic and Verizon worked together on the event, but Verizon had no part in the problems.

"This was not a Verizon issue. ...even when attendees were experiencing issues accessing the game itself, other applications like YouTube worked just fine — which indicated the issues were outside of Verizon's control, like an issue with the game's server itself."

I know Verizon is seen as a big, evil corporation, but I do believe what they're saying. I think the blame falls squared on Niantic for this snafu.

Koei Tecmo says Switch, PS4 revitalizing the market

Koei Tecmo is doing quite well, and they are expecting their business to become even stronger as the months roll on. During a financial meeting, the company said they owe their current fortune to both the success of PS4 and Switch. They see both platforms as revitalizing the market. Let's hope things continue that way for years to come!

NBA Playgrounds hits 500k sold across all platforms

This comes from the press release we shared earlier today...

Independent developer Saber Interactive is proud to announce its arcade-style basketball game, NBA Playgrounds, has sold over 500,000 units across the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™ and Windows PC (Steam) since launching in May. This is the first game Saber has self-financed and self-published for modern platforms.

I have the game and do enjoy it, but I think the next wave of content in the new update is going to make a big difference. Rebounds are one of my biggest complaints!

Amazon Spain lists LEGO Worlds with Sept. 8th, 2017 release

The latest retailer release date we heard for LEGO Worlds was Sept. 6th, and now Amazon Spain has added a Sept. 8th release date to their listing. Looks like these dates might be hovering around the correct information. We're still waiting on LEGO or Warner Bros. to confirm.


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