LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Switch version feature parity, Joy-Con co-op confirmed, lack of Wii U version detailed

Coming from a Nintendo Life interview with TT Games...

On the lack of a Wii U version:

With this game and the other Lego title this year we’ve moved on to the next generation which enables us to push the boundary of what’s possible by making the most of the new hardware.

- Switch version will be “feature for feature” exactly the same as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions
- supports two players with just one Joy-Con controller each

EA Originals reveals Fe for Switch

COLOGNE, Germany – 21 August, 2017 – Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) today announced that the EA Originals title Fe will be launching worldwide in early 2018. Developed by the award-winning Swedish studio Zoink Games, Fe is a new type of wordless platformer full of sounds. Through Fe, a small cub that suddenly awakes in the forest, players will discover a world they will never want to leave as they use sound to communicate, connect with nature, identify friendly and unfriendly creatures and interpret their own narrative along the way.

“We wanted to create a game that gives the feeling of exploring something special,” said Klaus Lyngeled, CEO and Creative Lead at Zoink Games. “We would spend hours in the woods as kids, and while it felt scary at first, eventually the strange sounds became familiar -- you become part of nature and the forest feels like home. Players will realise similar feelings as they play through Fe. Wherever and however the game is played, we ensure it will be a unique experience of discovery, unlike anything played before.”

“Through Fe, Zoink has reminded us that everything is connected. They have created a game where the magic and beauty of nature, and all its creatures, come alive,” said Patrick Soderlund, EVP of EA Worldwide Studios. “This game and this studio embody the spirit of the EA Originals program that we started a little over a year ago – the freedom to create, and to bring uniquely innovative and memorable games to players all over the world."

In Fe, players will be enchanted by the natural surroundings as they uncover secrets, complete side quests, and meet the mystical creatures of the forest. Players will climb, glide and dig as they voyage through the open experience meeting, interacting and rescuing plants and animals from the Silent Ones, the machine antagonists that are threatening the forest. Through unparalleled freedom of exploration in a world full of discoveries to uncover, players will become Fe and never want to leave.

Fe will be launching worldwide in early 2018 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Origin for PC and Nintendo Switch. Fe is not yet rated. For more information on Fe please visit https://www.EA.com/Games/Fe .

Journey to Chronopolis in NEW LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 Gamescom Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today released a NEW trailer for LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2, taking viewers on an exciting journey through the expansive Open Hub World of Chronopolis. The video spotlights a myriad of iconic Marvel locations, all ripped from time and space to form one huge, incredible open world for players to roam and explore, from the mythical land of Asgard and deep space base of Knowhere, to the vibrant jungle of Wakanda and the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. Other Marvel settings revealed in the trailer include the Coliseum, Hala, Hydra Empire, K'un-lun, Lemuria, Manhattan, Medieval England, Noir New York, Nueva York, Old West and The Swamp, which will be joined by Attilan, Kang’s Citadel and Xandar to make up sprawling open world that is Chronopolis.

For the latest information or to join the LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 conversation, visit us on YouTube (LEGOMarvelVideoGame), Twitter: @LEGOMarvelGame), Facebook (LEGOMarvelVideoGame) or Instagram (LEGOMarvelGame).

LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 is an all-new, epic adventure and sequel to the smash hit, LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes. This original branching storyline, co-written by award-winning comics writer Kurt Busiek, transports players into a cosmic battle across a myriad of Marvel locations ripped from time and space into the incredible Open Hub World of Chronopolis. Packed with signature LEGO® humor for fans of all ages, gamers will go head-to-head with the time-travelling Kang the Conqueror in this fun-filled journey spanning the Marvel Universe.

LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 will be available starting 17th November 2017 for PlayStation® 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Astro Duel Deluxe 40% off in Europe

A bit of a temporary sale for Astro Duel Deluxe over in Europe, and it's a sizable one at that. Better grab the game now while you can take advantage of the offer! It's not going to stick around forever!

Gamescom 2017 - multiple Nintendo-related titles up for awards

Best Console Game: (Nintendo Switch)

FIFA 18 (Electronic Arts)
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Ubisoft)
Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo)

Best Mobile Game:

Danger Mouse: The Danger Games (9th Impact)
Metroid: Samus Returns (Nintendo)

Best Family Game:

Anki Overdrive: Fast & Furious Edition (Anki)
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 (Warner Bros.)
Life is Strange: Before the Storm (Square Enix)
Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (Bandai Namco)
Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo)

Best Casual Game:

Hidden Agenda (Sony)
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Ubisoft)
Super Lucky’s Tale (Microsoft)

A good range of games here, with some being made by Nintendo themselves, and others appearing on Nintendo platforms. Let's cross our fingers and hope Nintendo takes home a few awards!

Fear Effect Reinvented - The devs explain why they decided to work on a remake

Coming from Benjamin Anseaume, CEO of Sushee...

"As soon as we announced Sedna and the revival of the franchise in April 2016, we got a lot of emails, tweets and Facebook messages to request remakes of the first episodes, and more surprisingly, a release of Fear Effect Inferno. And the messages haven't stopped since then. More than a year and a half after, we still receive this kind of request very often.

One thing has always been clear with Square Enix, if the reception was enthusiastic enough, we could imagine doing everything with this licence and it included remaking the old episodes. We said this to the community quickly after the announcement of Sedna and today we are very happy to say that it's thanks to the fan's support that everyone will be able to play, on every platform, this old classic in its new shape."

Coming from Phil Elliott, director of indie development at Square Enix London

"Originally we wanted to see if opening up our back catalogue of Western IP could help indie developers to make a name for themselves, considering how tough it can be to make a splash with original IP. So when Sushee pitched Fear Effect Sedna after finishing on Goetia [a point-and-click adventure also published by Collective], we were open to the experiment.

We've seen a good response to this new game - albeit presented in a different style to make it more appropriate for the budgets available at indie level. And so when the Sushee team suggested revisiting the original game, we felt it was a good idea, especially when you consider that as an original PlayStation exclusive, anybody wanting to sample it now would have a tough time."