GameStop - 6,000 PowerUp Rewards Points for a Switch purchase

Remember, GameStop got a fresh shipment of the Switch this week, but you'll need to head into a retail location to pick one up. Good luck to anyone who's trying to grab one!

Sonic Mania: Collector's Edition statue rewired to enable front LED

Here's something a little surprising. The Sonic Mania: Collector's Edition statue has a real LED in the front of it, but SEGA didn't bother to wire it up. Leave it to the internet to pry the sucker open and find that out. You can actually wire in the LED yourself to the PCB and get it to function when you flip the switch!

Japan - Switch sales outpacing PS4 2-to-1

The Switch has been available in Japan for 24 weeks now, and has managed to move 1,436,031 units. The total would be even higher, but Switch stock has been an issue since launch. With that said, the Switch is still managing to outsell PS4 by a 2 to 1 margin. When you look at the first 24 weeks of the PS4, the system sold 653,377 units. You can see a full week-by-week breakdown here.

Set of Ace Attorney plush dolls releasing in Japan

Who wouldn't want a cute and cuddly Phoenix Wright? Capcom has a new wave of plush Ace Attorney dolls hitting Japan, and Phoenix isn't the only character getting the stuffed treatment. You can check out Apollo and other dolls here.

A look at the Earthbound Mr. Saturn planner

If you're still using a daily planner, why not go the stylish route with a Mr. Saturn version?! You can check out more pics of this planner here.

Outdoor Products releasing various Street Fighter II-themed bags in Japan

Outdoor Products and Capcom have teamed up to produce a set of Street Fighter II-themed bags. You can grab the backpage above, or a smaller option as well. There's also a different style backpack and a purse! Check them out here.


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