Japan - Survey finds that 65% of Switch owners and 74% of Splatoon 2 players are male

The following data comes from a Famitsu and Entertainment Business Insight poll, which included responses from 16,000 people...

- 65.9% of Nintendo Switch owners are male, and 34.1% are female

Nintendo Switch Owners Age Comparison

5 – 9 years: 18.1%
10 – 19 years: 27.1%
20 – 29 years: 20.7%
30 – 39 years: 14.3%
40 – 49 years: 12.5%
50 – 59 years: 5.0%
60 – 69 years: 2.3%

- 45.2% of Nintendo Switch owners are 19 years and below
- 7.3% of Switch owners in Japan are between 50 to 69 years of age

- 73.9% of Splatoon 2 players are male, while 26.1% are female

Splatoon 2 Players Age Comparison

5 – 9 years: 22.7%
10 – 19 years: 40.3%
20 – 29 years: 17.6%
30 – 39 years: 10.1%
40 – 49 years: 7.6%
50 – 59 years: 1.7%
60 – 69 years: 0.0%

- 63% of Splatoon 2 players in Japan are age 19 and below

Japan - SNES Classic Edition preorders kick off mid-September

The SNES Classic Edition preorder situation went somewhat okay over in Europe, and absolutely horribly here in the states. Now it's Japan's turn to give things a go. Nintendo has said that preorders will open in mid-September, but they didn't say an exact date, nor did they say what retailers would be participating. Let's hope Nintendo gives our Japanese friends more info as we get closer to the launch date.

Metroid: Samus Returns - Unlock special art that shows off story elements and a surprising bit of info

By meeting certain condintions in Metroid: Samus Returns, you'll be able to unlock "Chozo Memories" art. These art scenes will show off new details of the Metroid storyline, including some elements we haven't seen before. Apparently one portion will let us see something about Metroid that we could have never imagined!

Nintendo shows off "Diggernaut" boss battle and Omega Metroid for Metroid: Samus Returns

Nintendo showed off a Diggernaut boss battle in Metroid: Samus Returns. This is a brand-new boss battle that plays off the idea of the countdown element most Metroid games feature at some point. The Diggernaut seen above will chase Samus through a portion of the level, trying to crush her with a mechanical arm that grinds up the level behind her as she runs.

We also got a look at the Omega Metroid, which is another step in the Metroid evolution which we haven't seen before. Obviously, Samus will have to take on the Omega Metroid at some point.

Itagaki takes on "Prime Advisor" role at Valhalla, plans to work with other developers

As of today, I’ll be moving on from my position as Representative Director of Valhalla Game Studios and take up the role of Prime Advisor. At the same time, I’ll also begin working together and creating games with a number of studios around the world.

With my 50th birthday marking a major milestone in my life, I’ve decided I want to change the way I work. My birthday is April 1st – this picture was taken just before that, making it the last picture of me in my 40’s. It was taken at Kiyosumi Garden in Tokyo by a friend of mine who is a professional cameraman.

Look at the cherry blossoms ready to blossom.

There are a lot of developers all around the world just like this.

I want to help them bloom.

Check out the full announcement here (thanks Riigo!)

Best Buy giving out collectible coins for Super Mario Odyssey preorder

This flyer was given out at Best Buy during the Nintendo World Championships 2017 qualifiers. Looks like Best Buy is going to have a pretty good reason to go with them for a preorder!