GoNintendo Video Review - Chicken Wiggle


- Classic platforming with a solid feel
- Fantastic level editor
- Offers a sense of heart & charm
- Good variety in level mechanics


- Might be too simplistic for some
- Short single player campaign

Final Word

Chicken Wiggle is proud to be a straightforward platformer. A simple, yet fun romp through a good collection of stages.
Power-ups sprinkled in alongside the engaging "grappling hook" mechanic help to keep things feeling engaging. While single player is on the short side, the level editor is fully-fledged and expertly created. This feature alone could keep you busy for a long time to come, especially when you consider levels can be uploaded online for others to play. Depending on the community support, Chicken Wiggle could find itself becoming one of your most-played 3DS games this year.

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Switch lottery lines continue in Japan, TV reporter can't find a Switch after visiting nearly 50 stores

Over 3,000 people, and 105 Switch units to sell. That was the situation with the latest Switch lottery, which was held in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro. Nintendo is definitely getting more stock out there, but the situation is still a rough one.

Japanese morning show Tokudane sent out one of their reporters to assess the situation. The reporter was looking to walk into a retailer and buy a Switch. As you can guess, it didn't go well. After visiting 48 different retailers, not a single one of them had a Switch to purchase.

Sonic Mania takes the Switch eShop by storm in NA/EU

Looks like Sonic fans are eager for a bit of old-school fun. Sonic Mania has already grabbed the top spot on the Switch eShop in North America, the UK, and other parts of Europe. We had no doubt the game would be a success, and it's great to see it take the #1 spot so quickly. How are you enjoying your time with the game so far?

Nintendo Dream releasing 100-page supplement on the Super Mario series

- will be included with the October issue of Nintendo Dream (due out this Monday)
- 100 page Famimaga supplement that focuses on the Super Mario series
- will include a rare interview of Shigeru Miyamoto on Super Mario World

Metroid: Samus Returns - 'aiming' GIF

It's amazing how this simple change makes the Metroid series feel completely different. I really liked this feature a lot. Throw it in with the melee counter, and Samus is feeling more badass than ever!

Fire Emblem Warriors - Robin (female) trailer

Kirby Planet Robobot's Susie checks out Kirby's size in Kirby's Blowout Blast

Kirby does balloon up to a bigger size in Kirby's Blowout Blast, and Susie can't seem to get enough of it. I wonder if she's seen how big he gets in games like Kirby's Return to Dream Land!

Pokemon Duel - content update for Aug. 16th, 2017

- adds the Bug Gym Cup
- trophies will also be given at the end of the event with you being able to display on your ranking screen
- event has all Dragon-type Movement 1 & 2 figures get an increase of 1 for movement
- Ice-types get an Attack increase of 20 for each attack
- gives the Mega Salamence Figures as a prize
- lasts until August 23rd at 04:59 UTC with Booster Redemptions until August