Our new pretty buttons have morphed into new pretty ANIMATED buttons!

CortJezter just couldn’t help himself, and I am glad that he couldn’t! Not content with being just a moderator, CortJezter has taken on the task of “prettying” up the site. It’s small things like his site buttons that make a HUGE difference.

Now we have the next evolution of button…the ANIMATED button! Hover your cursor over the messageboards, podcast, or chat room buttons and gaze at their animated glory! Is it wrong that I spent about 10 mins rapidly switching from each button just to see it light up?!

CortJezter was patient enough to deal with my complete lack of knowledge when it comes to things of this manner (site maintenance, template adjusting, ect…) and around 3:30 in the morning we got the buttons working. I am totally confident in saying that if CortJezter were working by himself, he would have had the job completed in about 5 minutes.

Anyways, enjoy the new buttons, let them hypnotize you as they did with me. If you have the time, drop by the boards and send a little thank you to CortJezter…he deserves it.

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