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Chris Morris is CNN’s resident gaming guru, and he found himself in the lucky position of trying out the Revolution’s controller first hand. Mr. Morris seems to have been very impressed with his time spent using the Revolution controller, but the more interesting news is what Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, and Reggie Fils-Aime, Vice President of sales and marketing had to say during the interview.

“I was a developer for many years before my current role, but I’ve never been a very good gamer. I’ve never been able to control a first-person shooter, but as soon as I used the Revolution controller, I found it very easy to control the game. So, I think that’s a genre that’s particularly well suited for the controller.”

Those words are from Mr. Iwata himself. I would have never expected him to not be a good gamer! You figure a man surrounds himself with video games, he might reach a point where he is an expert at playing!

Mr Iwata also made a few comments on the road ahead for the Revolution, mainly focusing on how to get the public interested in the Revolution’s new control scheme.

“It’s going to be a challenge to take something that’s a new concept and new idea and convey to the public … how to understand it, but honestly I think the Revolution controller is going to be a lot easier to convey to the public than the DS was as a system. We’ve learned a lot in terms of how to communicate to people these new and different ideas and because of the experience we had with the DS, we’re much more prepared.”

Reggie then spoke on what genre of game he would like to see happen on the Revolution.

“I hope [massively multiplayer online games] are really explored on this system. That’s a genre, from the home console standpoint, that really hasn’t been explored very well.”

To read more quotes from Satoru Iwata and other industry insiders, make sure to check out Chris Morris’s CNN article by clicking the link below.

Witnessing the Revolution

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