Race Reggie on Nintendo Wi-fi!

Cxa oHB 7SC1McgtYVEYzigxokAQ d3ZThe Time - Monday, December 19, 4:00 — 5:30pm Pacific Time

The Place - Bellevue Square McDonald’s, Bellevue WA (more specifically, the Nintendo Wi-fi Connection)

The Event - Race Reggie Fils-Aime in Mario Kart DS!

The Prize - Being able to say you beat Reggie!

How cool is this event! Bragging rights to say that you beat Reggie in a Mario Kart DS race! Keep in mind that you don’t have to live near Washington OR visit a McDonalds to play. Just pop in Mario Kart DS, connect to the Nintendo Wi-fi Connection, join Worldwide mode, and maybe…just MAYBE you will be able to race Reggie in a duel for ultimate supremacy! Click the link below to visit the official Nintendo page.

Race Reggie on Nintendo Wi-fi!

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