Nintendo sales figures and top 5 franchises

logooooToday Nintendo released some launch to date figures for current platforms, and total units sold for their top 5 franchises. First off, let’s get to the launch to date figures.

The GameBoy Advance is the big star of the show of course, selling 70.04 million units worlwide, with a total of 296.12 million units of software sold worldwide.

Also making a very impressive showing is the Nintendo DS having sold 8.83 million DS units sold, and 28.3 million software units sold worldwide.

Last up we have the GameCube which has sold 19.31 million units worldwide, with 165.91 million worldwide software units sold. Definitely not a small number.

Now it’s time for just how well Nintendo’s top 5 franchises sold…and just what those franchises are! Anyone care to take any guesses before you scroll down? ………………Okay you should be set…Nintendo’s top 5 best selling franchises are…

1. Mario with 184 million units
2. Pokemon with 143 million units
3. Zelda with 47 million units
4. Donkey Kong with 43 million units
5. Metroid with 11 million units

That’s a lot of units! Haha….units….

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