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albrightJMAs promised, I have the special announcement for those of you that didn’t hear it from the podcast.

Wednesday, December 28th will mark the first day for a true GoNintendo exclusive. This would have been our second, but we all know how our little Mark Rein exclusive went!

GoNintendo’s Nintendo PR Rep got in touch with us about a week ago to ask us if we would be interested in an exclusive story. Our rep told us that Nintendo believes that blog style sites and podcasts are the wave of the future, so why not focus some attention on us! Of course we agreed, and with that we landed an exclusive.

GoNintendo will have an exclusive interview with Chris Albright from the 2005 Major League Soccer cup winning team, the LA Galaxy. Apparently Mr. Albright really knows his stuff when it comes to Nintendo. Not only has he been a fan of Nintendo’s games for quite some time, but currently he is really enjoying Super Mario Strikers. I have heard some interviews related to video games with Mr. Albright, and I could definitely tell that he knows video games.

Chris seems to be a HUGE fan of Super Mario Strikers, and is apparently very eager to talk about it, having already appeared on ESPN to dish the dirt on the game. Our own interview will roughly be a 30 minute over the phone interview. The best part is that the entire interview will be turned into a special mid week podcast event!

So when the evening of December 28th rolls around, expect to be able to down a special GoNintendo podcast interview with our first exclusive. GoNintendo talks Strikers with Chris Albright.

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