Ni no Kuni animated film launches in Japan on Aug. 23rd, 2019, new characters revealed and synopsis shared

Let's hope it gets localized

The upcoming Ni no Kuni animated movie has been given a release date. It will hit theaters in Japan on Aug. 23rd, 2019. This info comes from the movie's official website, as well as a new synopsis, and the reveal of two more characters. Check out that info below.

The calm, cool, and collected, wheelchair-bound Yuu, the popular Haru from the basketball team, and Haru’s girlfriend Kotona are high school students who have been friends since childhood. One day, Yuu and Haru are transported to a magical world parallel to the real world called “Ni no Kuni” after trying to save Kotona, who was suddenly attacked by someone. Ni no Kuni is a world where “another version of oneself” exists, connected to their parallel self. Yuu gradually becomes attracted to the princess of Ni no Kuni, Asya, who is the spitting image of Kotona. However, he is faced with a cruel rule: “In order to save Kotona’s life, Asya’s life must be taken.”

Haru wants to save Kotona. Yuu wants to protect Asya. When it comes to the “ultimate decision,” where the lives of those dear to them hang in the balance, what decision will Yuu and Haru make?

Ojii-san (voiced by Tsuyoshi Muro) – A mysterious old man who goes to the same hospital as Yuu, and who Yuu has known since childhood. He has alwas cheered Yuu up.

King Flounder (voiced by Masatou Ibu) – The King of Evermore in the world of Ni no Kuni where Yuu and Haru wander into.

Japan - eShop charts for May 16th to 22nd, 2019

Blocks and cats

Time to take a look at what the big hits were on the eShop in Japan. Check out the Switch and 3DS eShop charts for May 16th to 22nd, 2019.


1. Minecraft (Mojang/Microsoft Japan)
2. Super Mario Maker 2 (Nintendo)
3. Shovel Knight (Yacht Club Games)
4. Xenoblade 2 (Nintendo)
5. Akumajou Dracula Anniversary Collection (KONAMI)
6. Futari de!Nyanko Daisensou (PONOS)
7. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo)
8. Dairantou Smash Bros. SPECIAL (Nintendo)
9. Human: Fall Flat (Teyon Japan)
10. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Legacy of the Duelist:Link Evolution (KONAMI)


1. Tobidasu!Nyanko Daisensou (PONOS)
2. Pocket Monsters Crystal (Nintendo)
3. Dragon Quest III: Soshite Densetsu e… (Square-Enix)
4. Charisou DX (Spicysoft)
5. Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition (Microsoft Japan)
6. Dragon Quest II: Akuryou no Kamigami (Square-Enix)
7. Ice Station Z (Wobbly Tooth)
8. Tobidase Doubutsu no Mori amiibo+ (Nintendo)
9. Battleminerz (Wobbly Tooth)
10. Sora no Folklore (KEMCO)

Pokemon: Let's GO bundles restocked in Japan

Bundle up

Those in Japan trying to track down a Pokemon: Let's GO bundle will be happy to know that they have now been restocked by Nintendo. It's not clear if these are at all retailers or just through Nintendo themselves, but either way, there's a new round of units available to snatch up.

Konami updates Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection to support TATE mode


Konami has released an update for Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection, bumping it up to Version 1.0.2. This new update includes TATE mode support for games that vertically scroll.

Square-Enix releasing Dragon Quest Vinyl 1/1 Scale Slime

Slime time!

Ever wonder what a Dragon Quest slime would look like in real life? Look no further than the Dragon Quest Big Soft Vinyl Monster 1/1 Scale Pre-Painted Slime Figure! This is a soft vinyl Slime that measures width 300mm × height 300mm × depth 300mm. This item will release in Japan sometime in Aug. 2019.

Super Neptunia RPG New Battle Pt. 2 Screenshot Batch + Website Updates!

Ready to battle?

LOS ANGELES, CA., MAY 23, 2019 – This week, we have several updates for the upcoming June release of Super Neptunia™ RPG:

Screenshots: Battle Pt. 2 - Break Attacks
System Update: Element, Buffs/Debuffs, Goddess Form, Break Attacks
Character Profile Update: Neptune, Noire, Blanc, Vert, Chrome

Super Neptunia™ RPG is headed for the PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™, physically and digitally, in North America on June 25 and in Europe on June 28! The Steam® version will launch on June 20.

The PS4™ release will have two slightly modified CGs. The Nintendo Switch and Steam version will contain all original CGs. Gameplay for all platforms has not been changed from the original Japanese release.

Developed by Artisan Studios in Canada, this game brings the characters of the self-referential Neptunia™ series to life in a whole new 2D way. Each character was hand-drawn by Tsunako, the artist behind the series, then animated by computer magic to create a world that’s mysteriously gone from three dimensions to two. Explore side-scrolling dungeons and fight in turn-based battles to settle the debate once and for all – which games are better: 2D or 3D!


The Battle Pt. 2 - Break Attacks screenshot batch shows off the Goddesses and a new character, Chrome, performing their special Break Attacks!

The Break Attack gauge has four slots that fill up as you attack the enemy. Once a slot fills, you can select a character to unleash a Break Attack. Choose to perform a Break Attack at every chance, or wait until all four slots fill so all party members can cause ultimate destruction!


Elements: Skills have an Elemental type that can affect the damage that enemies and allies take. With a total of 9 Elements, players will need to prepare and set their skills accordingly to defeat any foe. An enemy can react to elements in three different ways: Weak, Absorb, and Resist. Players should note that if the elemental match-up is unfavorable, you can end up dealing zero damage, or even healing the enemy.

Goddess Form: Players can transform their CPUs into their Goddess Form when the Goddess Gauge is filled. The Goddess Gauge will increase as your CPU take damage from an enemy during battle. Transforming into their Goddess Form will change your CPU's appearance and also increase their stats.

Break Attacks: Each character can perform a character-specific special attack known as a Break Attack. Before you can cast your Break Attack, players will need to fill their Break Gauge, which increases every time you deal damage to an enemy. Once a slot is filled, players can pick one character to unload their Break Attack.



The self-proclaimed hero, Neptune, awakes in a familiar world, but has no recollection of anything other than her name. With the help of a mysterious girl named Chrome, as well as three other familiar faces beloved in the Neptunia™ series, Neptune embarks on a journey through the mysterious dimension to try to regain her memory.

Little do they know, the world they inhabit is under attack by an enemy who wants to take civilization back to the time where 2D reigns supreme.

Can Neptune and her friends save the world and 3D games as we know it, or will they be flattened into two dimensions forever?

Key Features

New Me in 2D – Your favorite Goddesses jump from three dimensions to two! Artisan Studios and Compile Heart proudly present new, vibrant backgrounds and newly developed 2D animations hand drawn in this action-inspired side-scrolling RPG! With Artisan Studios and Tsunako collaborating to create new background and character art, fans and newcomers alike can see Gamindustri in a new 2D perspective.

Where You Lead, I Will Follow – With four Goddesses to rotate on-the-fly during battle, players can change their formation type and unleash devastating attack combos. Depending on which Goddess is leading the pack, players can strategize attacks from four different formations: Strike, Magic, Support and Heal!

Goddess ‘bout to Break! – Strut your stuff and dish out your special Break Attack to ensure victory! Armed with their classic ability to transform, the Goddesses gain additional stat bonuses that enhance their attacks and lay waste to any enemy!

Put a +2 Str Ring On It – Strengthen your Goddesses by utilizing Skills and Abilities that can be unlocked with weapons, armors, or accessories! Strategically assign Skills and rearrange your abilities for each battle.

Blasphemous devs share an update, development nearing its end, running 60fps

Things are looking good

The devs behind Blasphemous have shared an update on the project, and it looks like things are winding down for them. It's all good news, which you can check out in full below.

Blasphemous Development's final laps...

We bring the latest development update, to let you know that everything continues on track towards a flawless release day (date to be revealed soon).

English voice-over recorded!

Last week we took a trip to Madrid and spent a few days at the recording studio producing the awesome voice over for the game. Blasphemous will feature an outstanding cast of actors, directed on site by our designers to make sure they deliver our vision.

Console builds looking awesome!

We cannot express the excitement after checking out how well the console builds are working! At this time our priority is having the game optimized for the Nintendo Switch, which is the more technically demanding platform. We're happy to confirm the game is already fast booting and rendering consistent 60fps in consoles, just like the PC version. Are you as excited as we are?

SEGA confirms game card size as the reason for Team Sonic Racing lacking the intro video on Switch, no plans to add it via a patch

It's always available on YouTube...

Fans were right when they suspected that Team Sonic Racing was missing its intro video on Switch due to game card size limitations. SEGA shared a statement with USGamer confirming the speculation, and also said they have no plans to add it back in.

"The intro cutscene was removed from Switch build of Team Sonic Racing due to the cartridge size restrictions. At this time, there are no plans to add the cutscene back in via patch."

We. The Revolution - console trailer


We. The Revolution is a story driven game set in blood-soaked and paranoid times of the French Revolution already available on PC, Mac and Linux on STEAM and GOG. Console launch for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will follow 25th June 2019.

CROSSNIQ+'s Dr. Beam and Ocho profiled

Two weirdos

Two more character profiles were released for CROSSNIQ+. Check out details on Dr. Beam and Ocho below.

Dr. Beam (he/him) is the brilliant engineer who created Monitan. Reserved but frank, his past is shrouded in the secrecy of classified projects... ones he wants to leave behind.

LIKES: Personal space (his lab), cooking
DISLIKES: Corporate suits, interruptions

Ocho (he/they) is a former lab octopus who became Dr. Beam's assistant/longtime friend. Since octopi can't speak, his thoughts and morality are a mystery, but he thinks highly of himself and is loyal to his friends.

LIKES: Fish (eating), friends