Fairy Tail devs go more into the game's story

What will fans get to experience?

We've had a few details on the story of Fairy Tail's game adaptation, but in an interview with NintendoEverything, producer Keisuke Kikuchi shares a bit more insight into how story is being handled.

The game starts midway in the original canon. Basically it starts with the Grand Magic Games, which is quite popular among fans. The game story doesn’t cover the entirety of the IP partially because I’d like to make it successful and potentially create a sequel. Details will be announced in October, maybe November at the latest, so you’ll be able to find out more. There will also be some original stories created by Koei Tecmo focusing on each character, so I think fans can really look forward to that.

Switch eShop file size round-up: Skullgirls 2nd Encore, Garfield Kart: Furious Racing, and more

Time for a microSD card

Time for the weekly roundup of Switch file sizes. Check out the next round of upcoming games below.

Zumba Burn It Up – 6.6GB
Skullgirls 2nd Encore – 5.2GB
The Park – 2.3GB
Garfield Kart: Furious Racing – 1.4GB
Flan – 1.2GB
Let’s Sing Country – 1.0GB
Ghost Blade HD – 956MB
The Big Journey – 649MB
Tangle Tower – 580MB
Winter Sports Games – 558MB
Soul Searching – 396MB
Dak Veer – 347MB
Monaco: Complete Edition – 297MB
Tower Climb – 244MB
Xeno Crisis – 188MB
Pizza Bar Tycoon – 146MB
Vortex attack EX – 125MB
Anthill – 58.0MB
Haunted: Halloween ’86 53.0MB
Creepy Brawlers – 50.0MB

Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition - more gameplay

Person of European Heritage #112: Welcome to Relocation Block B, your new home. Your designated role is 'Bouncer'. Work hard, stay out of trouble, and we might let you stay in the UK.

Forager "appreciation" update also coming to Switch

A new free update!

We already talked about the Combat update coming to Forager in the near future, and now we know the Appreciation update is coming as well. No official word on when it'll release, other than soon.

Features / Quality of Life

New Game Modes (Single Island Challenge in which you need to get all Tools to win and Speedrun Mode in which you need to get all Feats to win, with more to come in future updates!)
New Carpentry Station building with 10 new decorative items!
New Weather system with new visual effects. In the near future this will also contain gameplay modifiers! (There will soon be an option to turn this off for people having issues with old PCs)
Improved Sunrise/Sunsets
A TON of new ingame options!
Some new secret options…
Improves crash-proof saving. Losing savefiles to random crashes or computer shutdowns should be much rarer now!
Removes buffs from shrines if they cannot be used / assist the player
Disables cosmetic items being automatically equipped visually
Nerfs Fairy Aura healing effects
Increases enemy and boss max HP
Adds a button to auto-sort the inventory
Updates in-game roadmap

Bug Fixes / Stability

Fixes an issue where the “Tool Collector” feat would misfire
Removes a crash related to using a controller on upgraded vaults
Prevents an issue where opening a treasure chest before skill requirements are met can prevent players from 100% completing the game
Stops the bow from firing if a different tool is selected
Allows for enemy’s coin drops to be influenced by amulets and lighthouses
Ensures that steam achievements are unlocked when feats are completed
Fixes various localization issues / typos
Optimizes placing buildings late game (fixing an issue where building new structures late game would temporarily freeze the game)
Fixes an issue where sorting your inventory made items vanish (try sorting your inventory again now, the items should reappear)
Old saves now have carpentry station unlocked
Fixes a crash when opening vaults
Fixes a bug where starting in Classic mode unlocks the Addicted feat
Removes the rain sound from stacking multiple times
Stops beds and other new items from being used in the inventory
Resolves an issue where destroying a gate doesn’t return the item
Ensures that roads are removed from the inventory when using them
Restores the 3rd row for vaults
Fixes issues with new items in the market
Stops torchbugs from instantly despawning
Shrinks the hitbox on the Carpentry Station to better represent its size
Prevents the mouse from falling behind certain menus
Stops you from placing roads on tiles that already have roads
Roads can no longer be placed on bridges
Fixes an issue where placing a fence on top of yourself messes up neighbor fences
New items can no longer be placed on water
Fixes an issue where the flower pot is invisible when dropped on the ground
Untoggles single click attacks when swapping items
Adds audio to hitting beds
Makes lights glow properly during the sunrise
Corrects the timing of music
You can’t destroy tiles that are occupied by a familiar / drone
Changing some settings with a controller can crash the game
Controller does not work on the gamemode selection menu
Destroying land underneath roads does not destroy the road
You can get yourself stuck by buying an island on top of you
Using excavator on shrines can put digging spots on top of roads
Placing a fence can crash the game when you have too many fences
Having structure costs split between vault and inventory will only consume items from the inventory
Placing the mouse between two buttons in the rebind screen generates noise
The new artifact screen is slightly rotated
You can get stuck sleeping
Skeletons and demons don’t spawn in the single island challenge
Drinking the mandragora potion can make structures disappear
Carpentry table isn’t listed in skill description
Opening the skills menu while in bed will bug the player position
Single Island Challenge can’t be completed
Secret rooms feat won’t trigger
Camera does not zoom out in buy / build mode
You can exploit death to replenish energy
You can revert a sacrifice by re-entering your save
Inconsistencies while saving / reverting altar usage in skull maze (after exiting the game)
Can’t save the options of a save file while in dungeons

Pokemon GO Halloween leaflets released in Japan

It's big news!

The Pokemon Co. has released Pokemon GO Halloween campaign leaflets in Tokyo, Japan. The leaflets give players a rundown of info for the Halloween campaign, including details on how to participate.

Spirit Roots coming to Switch on Nov. 1st, 2019

A spirited affair

Long ago, on the outskirts of a small, but undoubtedly very warlike star system, armed conflict raged for a hundred years among the system’s inhabitants. The fighting was so fierce that in the end only one small piece remained of each of the planets. At that point the inhabitants of all of the planets decided that they would have to stop fighting in order to survive. And so they stitched together the remaining pieces of their worlds into one large planet with a single, absolute condition: no one could violate anyone else's borders. But what happens when someone breaks this rule? Let's find out!
Immerse yourself in a world populated by the many species of merciless flora and fauna found on the Stitched-Together Planet on the outskirts of the star system.

About the game:

Spirit Roots is a traditional 2D platformer where you run, jump, fight, evade traps, collect coins, and beat bosses.

Key Features:

Five worlds with completely different atmospheres, gameplay mechanics, and enemies
50 levels
Each stage has a unique soundtrack
Epic boss battles. Corn cannons wielded by farmer robots? Huge spiders? Flying skulls? Mud monsters? We've packed it all into our game!
Ten kinds of enemies and dozens of gameplay mechanics
Full gamepad support
Steam achievements
Steam Trading Cards - Coming soon
Spellbinding artwork with picturesque parallax backgrounds and mystical silhouettes

Spirit Roots comes to Switch on Nov. 1st, 2019, and is priced at $7.

King Boo and Luigi's Mansion being added to Mario Kart Tour

All hail King Boo!

Luigi was added to Mario Kart Tour the other day, and now the Luigi's Mansion track is officially on its way. It's the perfect time of the year to give it a go!

Along with the Luigi's Mansion track, you'll also be able to hunt down King Boo in the game! He's coming to tear up the track and take out the competition.

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for Oct. 20th, 2019

[Summoning Focus] The 20th Weekly Revival Summoning Focus is now live. It features the following Heroes: Leo (Sorcerous Prince), Azura (Lady of the Lake), and Elise (Budding Flower) (available until October 27th)

Fairy Tail - EGX 2019 gameplay

Fairy Tail is on display at EGX 2019, which finally gives us a look at a decent chunk of gameplay. Check out footage from the show floor demo below.

Jessie, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet reconfirmed for the new Pokemon anime

Fan favorites return

The new Pokemon anime is set to debut in Japan on Nov. 17th, 2019, and today a set of classic characters was reconfirmed for the series. We now know that Jessie & James will return, as well as Meowth and Wobbuffet. We should be hearing even more about the series in the coming week.


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