Nintendo 3DS: 3rd parties, time to jump in

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Remember when the 3DS was first shown at E3? While the device itself was pretty awesome, it was the showing of third party support that really floored me. We saw all sorts of companies pledging their support for the platform. Devs were speaking very highly of what the 3DS could do, and major franchises were heading our way. My, how things would change as we moved towards launch.

Third parties have been pulling 3DS games left and right, and the developers themselves aren't really showing a lot of faith in the platform. That's extremely disappointing when we're not even a half year into the system's launch. How on earth did things go so bad so quickly? I can't even believe we're where we are.

Thankfully Nintendo has seen that there is an issue, and they're swooping in with some major support. A huge price drop is hitting the 3DS in the early days of August, and that's going to lower the barrier for entry with a lot of people. The 3DS is going to seem a lot more reasonable to the average gamer, but that doesn't mean that they'll be happy with just first party content. Third parties, this is the perfect time to jump on the system.

Nintendo has not only shown consumers that they hear the cries of the 3DS being too expensive. This price drop is also a move to show third parties that Nintendo is willing to do what it takes to turn this platform into a success. With Nintendo's backing of the platform by losing money, third parties should be a bit more willing to jump in.

We're soon going to see a brand-new wave of of 3DS consumers that are hungry for content, and they're going to be looking for big names. First party content is going to be important, but those major third party games are going to cause big sales as well. Now that people have that extra cash in their pockets, you can be sure that they'll be willing to pick up more titles when they grab the system itself.

Tie ratios are going to climb, and third parties should want to be there with some compelling content. We're talking about the perfect opportunity for system-sellers. I suspect Capcom is going to see a very nice uptick in their 3DS support so far. If you're grabbing a 3DS at its new lower price, why wouldn't you want to grab some Street Fighter or Resident Evil action to go along with it?

As Nintendo pushes into the next generation of portables and consoles, they company is working harder to show third parties that they care about their content. Hopefully those third parties see this price cut as a big opportunity to create some new content and bring in those customers. Third parties make money on hardware manufactures' platforms, for the most part. To completely ignore a platform would be silly. This new proactive approach for a second soft-launch of the 3DS should be a signal to third parties. Now is the time to recommit and show us what you've got.
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