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Nintendo Power - August preview: StarFox 64 3D, Skyward Sword, Shinobi and more

by rawmeatcowboy
28 July 2011
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StarFox 64 3D

- Score Attack mode lets you replay levels endlessly for the best score
- significant improvement to framerate
- new voice recordings are done by the same voice actors as the original
- bottom screen shows friends and enemies who call during radio communications
- local wireless battle features various locations
- you can change winning conditions in multiplayer
- only one game card needed
- inner camera for live-feed video of your opponents' faces

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword interview has already been summarized

Shinobi 3D

- Main character is Jiro Musashi, Joe's father
- start off in ancient Japan and end up on a speeding train packed with bioweapons
- train cars are huge, containing experimental vats, ice shards, traversable pipe and more
- killer brains burst out of their liquid-filled tanks, tentacles come from the floors and ceilings
- mutant cyborgs with chain guns and flamethrowers
- use your grappling hook to activate a enemy soldier's jetpack to send him flying off
- visit a temple somewhere in South America w here burned-out trucks and tanks litter the background
- metal spears fly out of the ground, spiked logs swing towards the screen, enemy ninjas and samurais
- 4 spells to use: fire, lightning, water and earth
- lightning gives you a sheild, water lets you run faster and jump higher, earth makes you invincible at the cost of some of your health
- an assault helicopter will swoop in and fire missiles while you try and navigate a waterfall