Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy - more details

- three types of touch input
- top screen displays all relevant information
- tap when prompted by a red icon
- swipe a specific direction with yellow
- press and hold with green
- Battle Music, Field Music and Event Music
- each Final Fantasy game features each of these modes
- each mode has three levels of difficulty
- characters are able to level up
- Battle Music places your group into a battle against a familiar enemy from that particular Final Fantasy
- in Final Fantasy VI, fight against the Ultros
- red/yellow/green timing cues will pan across the screen in four horizontal rows
- proper timing will cause your characters to attack
- misses will cause you damage and eventually you'll lose the battle
- Field Music will set one of your characters walking along a 2D setting
- this can change depending on the missio
- follow one line of music
- can now appear in waves
- perform well and your character will eventually trade off with a friend
- miss and your hero will trip and fall often.
- Event Music plays a CG cutscene montage from the Final Fantasy game in question
- musical commands appear along a line that across the movie as it plays
- strong performances here will result in longer cutscenes
- each round has a limited bonus sectio
- in Battle mode, you will typically summon a powerful creature or spirit
- in Field, you become a Chocobo and start running faster
- when a mission ends, your skill is measured in points, comprehensive grades, and a summary chart

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