Mario Kart 7 - another round of new info

- eight Grand Prix cups
- first-person mode doesn't show hands on the steering wheel
- shift in/out of first person by pressing up/down on the d-pad
- steer with Slide Pad or gyroscope
- no way to turn off gyroscope controls for first-person view
- jumping off the top of ramps once again lets you do a trick
- Tanooki tail will spin as your propeller when driving underwater
- game limits you to a maximum of ten coins
- single-card play returns, but forces every other player to drive a Shy Guy and a default kart
- “racer card” only keeps track of a finite amount of communities
- community codes are 14 digits long
- beat a Mii you StreetPassed with to gain new parts for your kart
- download up to seven ghosts at a time
- download up to 20 ghosts a day
- Community leaderboards in the game will also show information from recent races

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Tags: 3ds, mario-kart


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