The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Game Informer review snippets

- "This is the first game i've played that delivers on the promise sparked by that initial Wii remote showing."

- The last two boss encounters are the most difficult fights in any Zelda

- The biggest surprise is the story. The reviewer mentions that previous games have been fairly predictable, but this is a big step up for the franchise.

- He mentions that some gamers might not like the amount of time that it takes to fly from island to island. The review does say that it's faster than traveling in Wind Waker.

- "The vast, open Hyrule Field is replaced by tinier, more disconnected, and more puzzle-centric ground areas leading up to dungeons."

- His first playthrough took him over 40 hours

- The physical size of the world is smaller than Twilight Princess

- You'll occasionally have backtrack through areas for fetch questions. He says that this isn't too big of a deal since they change the environments up enough to still make things interesting.

- "From a gameplay and story standpoint, this is the biggest shift the series has ever seen..."

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