Ubisoft - Buy Rayman Origins to support Beyond Good and Evil 2, Ancel is the Dr. Seuss of gaming

A portion of an [a]list interview with Ubisoft's Tony Key...

[a]list: Ancel's works are wonderful. Incidentally, Beyond Good & Evil was a super game and it would be great to see more of that too...

Tony Key: Ultimately, Rayman is [Ancel 's] original creation, and if all the people that love Beyond Good & Evil understand he is more than a one trick pony... and that if Rayman does well, it gives him more leeway for other opportunities because he has to build up his studio. Just like how Beyond Good & Evil had a whimsical style but included gameplay for adults, Rayman will appeal to more than just younger gamers.

Beyond Good & Evil HD is doing very well on PSN and Xbox Live and there's a lot of people coming back, and if they choose to do a sequel the audience is bigger than before.

[a]list: Ancel seems to be the master of reaching across generations, having a very Sesame Street like appeal where he reaches across generations with this games.

Tony Key: He's like the Dr. Seuss of gaming. [Rayman: Origins] might be the most highly rated game he's ever made. It's a top quality product and it's counter-programing from what everyone wants to talk about this time of year, which is shooters and military games. We believe that platforming games can be successful; it's beautiful and fun and it's a very social four player game.

Full interview here


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