Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance - Tron world details

- an event scene takes place in the Tron world where CLU forces Riku into an arena
- drive the light cycle on a circular track
- other light cycle racers try to crash into Riku
- attack them with the blue beam that Riku’s light cycle emits
- press Y to trigger a mode change
- this makes two gunpods appear so you can shoot other riders
- this slows Riku down
- features a boss at the end
- use both the blue beam and twin cannons to take it dow
- win the battle to enter the arena again to go for the high score
- Sora and Riku visit the same worlds and run through the same map, but they interact with different characters
- Riku meets Sam Flynn ,who explains the situation with Quorra and the portal
- Sora interacts with Rinzler
- Sora can bounce off walls and spiral towards enemies
- he can also swing from lamp posts to set up a spinning attack
- The Grid has grind rails where you can do a free flow action to leap in the air and come crashing down with a keyblade strike
- free flow attacks don’t have cooldown times
- the Code Breaker reality shift and touch red words on the bottom screen to do an attack, shutdown turrets or unlock doors
- fight warriors with Rinzler’s staff fighting style
- these fighters can trap Riku in a combo

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