Fire Emblem: Awakening - details, screens on class upgrades

- 44 different classes
- most base classes have two upgraded classes
- Armor Knight changes into Great Knight or General
- Social Knight changes into Great Knight or Paladin
- Archer changes into Bow Knight or Sniper
- Myrmidon changes into Swordmaster or Assassin
- Fighter changes into Warrior or Hero
- Mercenary changes into Hero or Bow Knight
- Mage changes into Sage or Dark Knight
- Dark Mage changes into Dark Knight or Sorcerer
- Thief changes into Assassin or Trickster
- Barbarian changes into Berserker or Warrior
- Pegasus Knight changes into Falcon Knight or Dark Pegasus
- Wyvern Rider changes into Wyvern Lord or Griffon Knight
- Cleric changes into Battle Cleric or Sage
- Priest changes into Battle Monk or Sage
- Troubadour changes into Valkyrie or Battle Cleric
- Tactician changes into Grandmaster
- Lord changes into Master Lord
- Dancer, Villager, Manakete and Taguel cannot evolve

Check out more class screens here
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