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Nintendo Direct - European presentation

by rawmeatcowboy
21 April 2012
GN Version 4.0

Live broadcast by Ustream
Direct link here

- Mario Tennis Open 3D trailer in the eShop
- Partnership between Panini and Nintendo of Europe to spread the Kid Icarus cards
- HeroesOfRuin hits Nintendo 3DS June 15th w/ voice chat & free, daily DLC missions for a whole year, due June 15th
- Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance due out June 20th
- Theathrhythm Final Fantasy due out this Summer
- Rhythm Heaven Fever due out July 6th, features songs from the Japanese game as well

- Firmware update on April 25th

- New Super Mario Bros. 2 due out this August

- Update data planned for Mario Kart 7 in mid May. Updates are required for playing online and will remove some unfair shortcuts in online play.