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Top Publishers to Live Stream from TwitchTV Booth During E3 (Ubisoft and Wii U)

by rawmeatcowboy
25 May 2012
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TwitchTV, the world’s leading video game broadcasting network, will be the onsite epicenter at E3 2012 for top game developers to broadcast live video including exclusive game previews and industry luminary interviews.

“TwitchTV is at the forefront of the live broadcasting movement with a steady stream of marquee developers embracing our platform. Streaming live from E3 is a great way to maintain momentum with our strong community following,” said TwitchTV CEO Emmett Shear. “Also, by providing an embeddable player it enables gamers and media outlets unable to attend the conference the ability to view and share this great content within their own gaming circles.”

TwitchTV is located in South Hall, Booth #347

TwitchTV E3 Booth Schedule

Tuesday, June 5th
12:00pm – Paradox Interactive: The Showdown Effect & The War of Roses
12:45pm – Ubisoft: ShootMania Storm
1:00pm – 2K Games: Spec Ops: The Line with Lead Writer
2:00pm – Electronic Arts: Need for Speed: Most Wanted & Battlefield 3 DLC
2:45pm – Activision: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
3:00pm – Adhesive Games: Hawken
4:00pm – Hi-Rez Studios: Smite - First Live Broadcast
5:00pm – Hi-Rez Studios: Tribes - NASL Season 3 Finals

Wednesday, June 6th
10:00am – Ubisoft: Assassin’s Creed III and TBA title
11:00am – SEGA: Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, The Cave & Jet Set Radio HD
12:00pm – Electronic Arts: TBD Title
1:00pm – 2K Games: XCOM: Enemy Unknown with Lead Designer
2:00pm – CAPCOM: Resident Evil 6
2:30pm – Trion Worlds: Defiance
3:00pm – Adhesive Games: Hawken
4:00pm – Hi-Rez Studios: Smite
5:00pm – Hi-Rez Studios: Tribes - NASL Season 3 Finals

Thursday, June 7th
10:00am – CAPCOM: Lost Planet 3 & TBA title
11:00am – Riot Games
11:30am – Electronic Arts: Crysis 3
12:00pm – Ubisoft: TBA titles for WiiU
1:00pm – 2K Games: Borderlands 2 with Lead Writer & Artist
2:00pm – Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment: Lollipop Chainsaw with Director James Gunn & TBA title
3:00pm – Adhesive Games: Hawken
4:00pm – Hi-Rez Studios: Smite- First Live Broadcast

Stay tuned for updates on TBA titles and additional booth events.

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