Iwata on Miiverse's 3 levels of content filtering, says 30 minute delay on message publishing is acceptable

Here's all the details Iwata was willing to give on the subject of Miiverse comment filtering.

- three levels of security
- first level is software-based content filtering for bad words
- second level includes newly hired people who will police the Miiverse
- this filtering will be done before the posts are published
- the time it takes for a message to post depends on how many people are posting and how many staffers Nintendo has working on the project
- Iwata looking for feedback at launch for how long is an acceptable time to wait for sending a post to the Miiverse to actually publishing
- Iwata feels that 30 minutes from post sent in to being published on the Miiverse is acceptable
- third level of security involves gamers themselves, since they can flag questionable posts

Tags: wii-u, iwata


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