RUMOR - Retro's Wii U title facing rocky development, Nintendo rebuilding Retro

This information comes from none other than Emily Rogers. Her past features have been either spot-on or hit-and-miss. I just wanted to state that as you read on.

- Nintendo has been in panic mode over Retro for the last year
- Retro’s Wii U project is far along in development
- it has had a rocky development road
- Nintendo has flown a few employees from NST out to Austin, Texas to supervise Retro’s project
- major gaps in positions and staff have caused delays and frustrations
- Nintendo is currently rebuilding and restructuring Retro Studios
- more senior talent to leave Retro Studios after Retro’s Wii U game is completed
- id receiving resumes from current and former Retro staff
- “Yeah, we receive resumes from Retro employees. From what I understand, Retro Studios is bleeding away their talent.” - id dev
- Retro Studios employees considering a jump over to Bioware Austin after their obligations to the Wii U project are complete
- Wii U title will be created without the majority of the top designers and top engineers responsible for the Metroid Prime trilogy
- Nintendo believes Retro acted out in protest when employees left the company
- Nintendo sought out another developer to handle Metroid to show Retro that the series was bigger than them

More details here (thanks to all that sent this in!)
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